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No-Fuss Tips On Packing Fragile Items

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Fragile items are everywhere. As much as we adore them on our living spaces, moving them from one location to another in NYC can make us feel like we’re walking on eggshells. One wrong move and your precious antiques can meet their fate on the floor. Rather than calling a doctor to check on your blood pressure, here are our no-fuss tips that will provide reassurance when packing away fragile items. Trust us – we’ve been there.

Use plenty of wrapping supplies

Just like mothers who overdress their kids when the weather drops to frigid temperatures (even if it’s above 50°F), having enough wrapping supplies is crucial when packing away your fragile items. Aside from bubble wrap and packing paper, consider looking into foam dividers when packing away appliances (such as your favorite crockpot and china). If you have any left over packing supplies from your online shopping sprees, be sure to save them in the corner instead of throwing them out. Not only you’re saving money, but you’re also repurposing them for a better use.

Take your time

It’s easier said than done, but the key to packing fragile items is to relax! It’s a good idea to pack your items in advance before your moving date (preferably one month before) so that you can take your time during the process. If you’re feeling nervous, try to see if you can ask your friends and family members on assisting you with wrapping your items. Additionally, try to make a list on which items you should take care of first. Adopt the “triage method” – handle the easy fragile items first before working on towards more difficult packing (i.e. electronics and dishes).

Choose the right type of wrapping

Not all wrapping supplies are made equally. Bubble wrap and packing paper have its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to wrapping your fragile items. For example, if you’re packing away mirrors, you might want to consider using bubble wrap to prevent the glass from breaking. Work on the strengths of your wrapping supplies to ensure that your fragile items are kept safely during transportation. Additionally, you may want to consider having a moving vehicle that has climate control so that way it’ll be the right set of temperature when carrying your fragile items. It’ll help prevent any warping, wear and tear when you decide to unpack your items after a long travel.


Provide enough cushion

Go beyond your typical wrapping supplies! If you have pillows, blankets and foam dividers, consider using them to cushion your fragile items in between. Not only it’ll provide enough security during transportation, but it will absorb most of the shock in case if you’re travelling between bumpy roads to your destination.

Avoid loose wrapping

Nothing says like throwing caution into the wind by not wrapping your items securely. It’s a recipe for disaster. When wrapping your items, make sure to seal your items firmly to prevent any jiggling during transportation. If you have wine glasses, cups and mugs, add some crumpled paper in between so that it’ll absorb the shock when moving your items. You can also invest in packing peanuts to place at the bottom of your boxes before adding your fragile items on top. Just be mindful that packing peanuts (like paper) can take up as much space, so make sure that you’re placing a good ratio of your packing supplies with the amount of fragile items inside your boxes.

Packing–let alone moving in NYC–your home and belongings can send anyone into a panic. Divine Moving & Storage takes the stress out of it with our professional movers. Each packing professional has years of experience packing up homes just like yours. They come armed with the moving boxes, packing supplies, and relocation tools to make packing a breeze. There’s packing the hard way, and then there’s packing the Divine way.

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