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How to Organize Your NYC Storage Unit

Selecting Storage in NYC

Whether you need a NYC storage unit for just one room of belongings for a couple months, or your entire household of belongings long-term, it’s important to keep your storage unit organized so everything is safe and accessible when you need it. At Divine Moving and Storage, we offer full-service packing and relocation where we can properly store your belongings and find any needed items at your request. However, we understand that sometimes you may feel more comfortable organizing your belongings yourself. Here are our top tips for keeping your storage unit organized.


Use standard-sized, sturdy packing materials.

Although many people like to take advantage of “free” boxes they can find at grocery stores and other retailers, these boxes are not ideal for moving or storage units. First of all, they are generally a mix of random sizes, which makes them difficult to stack efficiently inside a small space. Additionally, these boxes aren’t sturdy because they’ve already been used for shipping. Many grocery store boxes are also weakened by moisture from produce, and may contain pests who were attracted to the delicious smelling food inside. Divine Moving sells new, standard-sized packing supplies which will be best for keeping your stored belongings safe.


Before you store anything, make sure it’s labeled.

When you’re packing your belongings into boxes to move directly into your NYC home, you may only need to label a box based on the room it will be moved into. However, when you’re planning to keep a box in storage for an extended period of time, you probably want to list every item in the box so you can find everything easily without having to dig through every storage container to find one thing. You don’t need to describe every single item, but maybe use labels like “All kitchen plates, plus Jamie’s blanket” or “All DVDs with titles A-M.”

Some things may not need to be stored in boxes. For example, papers in small filing cabinets. We suggest writing labels on regular paper, then attaching the inventory list to the outside of the containers with painter’s tape. Painter’s tape is safe to use on wood and other containers without damaging the outside material.

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Stack belongings safely.

This may seem obvious, but you need to stack your sturdiest, heaviest boxes on the bottom of each pile of boxes, with lighter, smaller ones on top. Even if you think a heavy box of books can withstand the pressure of another heavy box on top, it’s not worth the risk of the top box crushing other boxes over time. It’s also important to never stack heavy boxes on top of those carrying fragile items, such as dishes, art or decor items.

We do encourage you to make use of shelves, tables, and other sturdy furniture to stack your things! In a typical NYC storage unit, you want to take advantage of any safe, open space. However, if these furniture items are antiques, you want to avoid placing anything on top of them. Antiques are fragile and more susceptible to damage while in a nyc storage unit.

If you’re storing art work, wall hangings, and mirrors, never place anything on top of these. Also, do not lay them flat, either on the ground or on a raised surface. Depending on the piece, it may collapse on itself over time. Instead, lean these against a wall or secure piece of furniture on their ends.


Save space whenever you can.

Disassemble large pieces of furniture when you can, such as desks and TV stands. When you do this, make sure you keep all hardware in one labeled container near the furniture pieces so you won’t have to go searching for it later. When furniture can’t be disassembled, try to take advantage of empty spaces. For example, store boxes underneath tables that can’t be taken apart, and store lighter belongings inside of your refrigerator.

But make sure you don’t go overboard in your effort to condense belongings! Keep enough space between your piles of boxes and furniture so you can walk through to find things later.

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Keep everything clean.

Even though we take measures to prevent pests from living in our nyc storage unit, we protect your privacy by staying out of your storage unit once you’ve moved in. For this reason, it’s important for you to be proactive to avoid gathering pests, dust, and mildew or mold in your space.

One easy way you can keep things clean is by making sure it’s clean to begin with. Make sure your furniture and appliances are cleaned and dried properly before being placed in the unit—this way, mildew and mold won’t grow inside. Also, don’t store anything in a sealed plastic bag, because moisture can easily condense and cause mildew to form.

Before you move anything in, consider setting some wooden shipping pallets on the ground. (typically we will do this at no charge for you if you store with us) These are very inexpensive to purchase at your local home improvement store, and they keep nasty bugs and rodents from nesting under your belongings.

Once everything is moved in, be sure furniture is covered with stretch wrap so dust won’t collect on it. You may also want to strategically place some moth balls, traps for pests, and moisture absorbers as an extra precaution. (again done by us at no charge to you if you store with us)


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