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Because the northern edge lies on 30th Street, many consider Chelsea to be the gateway to Midtown Manhattan. However, this neighborhood has a quite eclectic personality depending on where you are. The neighborhood itself borders Hell’s Kitchen, the West Village, Meatpacking, and Flatiron Districts and each part of it offers a different perspective. Today, we talk about reasons to move to Chelsea this year. Namely, we will run through 5 main reasons why you should do this. On the other hand, if you require assistance with your relocation process, or you need storage, consider hiring services of Divine Moving and Storage NYC. Hiring professional movers to relocate you leaves a lot of room for you to plan your relocation process.

What are the reasons to move to Chelsea this year?

affordable apartment buildings in New York as one of many reasons to move to Chelsea this year
The neighborhood of Chelsea is quite diverse, from demographics to job opportunities and forms of entertainment
  1. A wide array of housing options – You can find houses of any style and a wide variety of price ranges. From brownstone houses to modern ones, Chelsea offers a home for almost everyone.
  2. Great schooling system – If you have children, this is one of the main reasons to move to Chelsea this year. Private, public, or parochial schools provide a top-tier education to children in the area.
  3. Cultural and artsy neighborhood – If you are a fan of cultural or art events, contact Chelsea movers today and start your relocation because this neighborhood is full of those.
  4. Accessibility to green spaces – Chelsea is near The High Line park. When living in New York, these kinds of green spaces are surely a sight to see for anyone.
  5. The nightlife – Fashion, fun, and outstanding activities are just something that awaits you in this part of NYC. Whether you like bars, clubs, or restaurants, Chelsea has it all.

The neighborhood of Chelsea

Chelsea is a west-end neighborhood of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Moreover, the area is quite diverse. You can find different housing options, that mix residential, tenements, apartment blocks, city housing projects, etc. On top of that, you can find a variety of retail businesses that truly shows the diversity of the neighborhood. If you plan on moving to Chelsea, consider hiring Queens movers to help you relocate with ease.

The financial side of Chelsea

The neighborhood of Chelsea has a lot of educated people per capita. For instance, the majority of the population (41%) has a bachelor’s degree. 34% have a master’s degree or higher. This means that the job market will be competitive. Moreover, it also means that, if you have adequate education, you can easily find a job here.

a notebook with glasses and a calculator near it
If you have high education you can easily fit in the neighborhood, but you will need to be at the top of your game

However, the median household income is around $122.000 while the median house value is around $1.200.000. As far as the rent goes, it is around $2.300 per month.

Do your own research on reasons to move to Chelsea this year

The neighborhood is very alive and provides a huge variety of entertainment, cultural and artistic experiences, schooling, and nightlife. Moreover, the area is quite densely urban where most of the population is renting their homes. However, your relocation will depend on your personal reasons. Maybe you want to move your small business to Manhattan or you want to settle in a nice place with your family. Research your own personal reasons to move to Chelsea this year and decide if this is what you want.


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