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Moving to New York City represents a wish come true to some of our fellow Americans. For some of those who already live here, the same can be said for moving out of New York City. After all, it is a matter of personal preference and, your choice. The important thing to know is that no matter whether you are moving to or out of New York City, Divine Moving and Storage, the top Chelsea moving company, is ready to assist you with your move. Chelsea movers are plentiful. Therefore, it’s important to choose the moving company that’s going to honor the deal that you make and deliver an unforgettable service. Find out how the best Chelsea moving company in NYC can make your move an easy, safe and stress-free activity. By the time you’re finished reading, your mind will be made up.

One of the buildings in Chelsea where Chelsea movers can move you into
Divine Moving and Storage are one of the best moving companies in New York City.

From move-out to settling into your new home, Divine Moving & Storage’s professional moving and packing services in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood takes care of everything, and all you have to lift is your finger… to point. In New York City, Chelsea trusts Divine Moving & Storage to take them home or back to work. With residential and commercial moving packages and long-term and short-term storage, Divine Moving & Storage are the professionals Chelsea trust most for easy and stress-free relocations. Call us today to get a free quote!

Why move the hard way when you can move the Divine way?

For two decades, the residents of Manhattan have been relying on Divine’s professional Chelsea movers to move them into, out of, and around Manhattan. All affordable and efficient for lickety-split relocations that seem like a dream and not a nightmare. So, for moving done right, you need only call Divine today! 

Whether planning ahead or calling last minute movers NYC, Divine Moving & Storage has all of your moving needs in Chelsea covered. From packing & unpacking, long-term and short-term storage, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and specialty services (like TV and AV handling). We have everything you need to get back to the important things in life – like finding a new brunch spot and dry cleaners near your new home. With minimal interruption, Divine gets you back to what matters most.

Our Chelsea moving company has everything you need to execute a successful and painless move. From experienced professionals to moving materials on every truck in our state-of-the-art line of moving transportation vehicles and packing and unpacking services. We customize our affordable and all-inclusive flat-rate prices and tailor them to your needs. Don’t overpay for a bad moving experience. Now when you can call Divine and get on your way far more quickly and less expensively (and less painfully!) than any other moving service in New York City.

The appeal of Chelsea as a Manhattan jewel

Called the perfect blend between downtown glam and uptown ritz, New York City’s neighborhood of Chelsea lays on Manhattan’s west side. As one of New York City’s most popular and upscale neighborhoods, Chelsea attracts residents moving to the area for a trendy, convenient, and accessible home where amenities abound. Bound by:

  • Hell’s Kitchen and Hudson Yards to the north,
  • the Garment District to the northeast,
  • Nomad and Flatiron on its east side,
  • the Meatpacking District on the southwest, and
  • the West Village to the south,

Chelsea is centrally located to anything you could possibly want to do in Manhattan.

Chelsea is an old part of Manhattan, situated in its heart. Precisely, it stretches from 14th Street to the South all the way to 34th Street to the North. Speaking of its sides, their borders are the Hudson River to the West and the 6th Avenue to East. If you find this explanation slightly confusing don’t worry. Manhattan movers know this neighborhood as the back of their hand.

Speaking of the nature of the neighborhood, we can say that it is mostly residential. However, there are major differences in the population structure of people living in Chelsea.

Population structure

As we have already pointed out, Chelsea is a residential area that local movers in NYC.serve on a daily basis. However, it is far from a homogenous one. In total, we can say that Chelsea is a miniature of Manhattan. Everything that you can see all over the city can be encountered here as well.

Chelsea is made up of tenements, renovated rowhouses, apartment blocks, townhouses, and housing projects. Given the fact that Manhattan has been experiencing a wave of gentrification for quite some time now, the differences in classes that live here can be very obvious. It is not uncommon to have renovated and luxurious apartments situated on one side of the street. Opposing it, we can have housing projects where lower classes would live in.

A street in Manhatan
No matter where you wish to move to in Manhattan, we are at your disposal

One of the particularly important aspects of living in Chelsea is art. As a matter of fact, Chelsea is home to about 200 art galleries. This makes it one of the artsy neighborhoods of the city.

Therefore, if you are hiring Chelsea movers to help you move to Manhattan, be sure that Chelsea will have a spot for you, no matter how much money you are looking to spend on your home.

How can Chelsea movers be of your assistance

Now that we have covered the most basic information that you should know about moving to Chelsea, let’s find out what Chelsea movers can in order to facilitate your move. There are several things that you should know about us:

  • Movers at a flat rate
  • Complete moving experience
  • Secure storage for your items

Chelsea movers at a flat rate

Divine Moving and Storage NYC are the most trusted local Manhattan movers. Our specialty? Moving locally at a flat rate. That’s right, you need not fear how much your move is going to cost. We provide you with a free estimate beforehand. Once we strike a deal, our price will not go up nor down. This is one of the perks of hiring Divine Movers and Storage to help you relocate. You will know, at all times, how much your move is going to cost, no matter what.

Complete moving experience

Not only do our moving rates remain at the quote that we provide you with, but we offer a complete moving service. What does this mean? Once you decide that Divine Moving and Storage are your preferred Chelsea movers, your job, in regards to the move, is done. The rest is on us.

Our service includes packing from the bare beginning and we are not done until your belongings are safely moved into your new home. In the meantime, all that you need to do is to relax.

Secure storage for your items

In case that you are looking to store some of your items away while you settle in or for longer, know that you can count on us. One of the services that we offer is safe storage options NYC. If you are looking for clean and safe storage units equipped with video surveillance, you are in the right place.

Image of storage units
Need secure and always accessible storage units? Let us know and we’ll get you all set in a matter of moments

Not only do we make sure that your items are easily accessible at all times, but we also made sure that you can store whatever you need to inside. Therefore, whether you need a place for excess clothes or temperature-sensitive items, our storage units are ready to deliver.

Hire only reliable Chelsea movers

The last thing that we would like to make sure that you are aware of is that you should make sure to hire only a reliable Chelsea moving company. Divine Moving and Storage is just the one you need. We are a licensed and an insured moving company whose goal is to deliver the best moving experience and bring a change to the moving industry in Manhattan. We believe that it does not have to come at a cost. With good organization and the right mindset, moving can be a very good experience. This is what most trusted Chelsea movers, Divine Moving and Storage, aim to achieve.

Divine’s best-in-class packing, storing, and moving services in Chelsea coupled with our:

  • famous care and attention to detail,
  • award-winning customer service, and
  • unparalleled professionalism

has made us the best moving company in Manhattan for two decades. There’s moving the hard way in Chelsea, and then there’s moving the divine way. Call Divine Moving & Storage today to schedule your move to or from Chelsea (or anywhere around Chelsea) and put yourself in divine hands for the easiest and most stress-free move of your life.

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