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Sometimes, less is better. This also applies when renting an office. It is usually more convenient and inviting to work in huge office space. However, with the big space comes the high rent and utility bills. This is especially true in NYC. Most places in NYC are extremely expensive. You can hardly find anything that is both big and affordable. If you think your business will do well in a smaller office, then, you should definitely organize the relocation. It is quite easy to hire Divine Moving and Storage company and book your appointment. However, what comes after might cause a headache. For this reason, here are all the tips for adjusting to a smaller office in NYC. 

Adjusting to a smaller office by talking to your employees 

First of all, if you are the boss of your company, you need to talk to your employees about relocation. You cannot make a decision all on your own. This is especially important since your new office is going to be smaller. They should also share their opinions considering they will have to work in the smaller office as well. Maybe some of your employees would prefer to find another job. Sometimes, you will even have to let some of your employees go since you are downsizing. It all depends on whether your business is growing enough or if you can afford to keep all the employees. Before you start preparing for your office relocation, have a serious discussion. You should also see if your employees would be willing to help you out with organizing everything. It is going to be easier if you all work as a team. 

people in the meeting
Discuss with your employees about moving to a smaller office

Make use of every area in your new office 

Since you do not have enough space, you should make use of everything that you can. If your new office place has several cubicles and one bigger common area, then, use it. You should develop this new philosophy of sharing all the common space. This way, you will have more space and you will not feel trapped inside your small cubical. For this reason, again, you should talk with your employees. Together, you figure out the best way to decorate and maximize the space in the common area. If you do this, not only you will gain more space, but also a common ground where all the employees can gather and spend time together. As you might know, in order for your business to flourish, your employees should feel a strong connection to it. This is definitely a good way to achieve this. 

Adjusting to a smaller office by not relying so much on paper 

There is one thing that most offices have – piles and piles of papers and documents. Again, since you do not have enough space anymore, you should stop relying so much on paper. Instead of printing everything, you should focus more on saving important documents and papers on your computers. This is a good way not only to save space but also to be environmentally conscious. In addition to this, you will also save money by not buying so much paper. This is also quite a big advantage when you are organizing your relocation. Since you need to hire office movers, it would be extremely unnecessary to move all the papers you have in your office. For this reason, you should sort your papers and see which ones you should keep and which ones should be shredded.  

laptops on the table
Rely more on the technology and less on the paper

Get rid of clutter  

Another important thing when you need to use a smaller office space now would be to get rid of all the clutter. Your office will look much bigger if you have a smaller number of items in your office. For this reason, you should definitely declutter your office space before and after relocation. You can divide all the items into three categories. 

  • Items to stay/ move – here, you should keep all the items you are planning to use again or you’re planning to move. Some of these items you can also store for some time. In this case, you should definitely find furniture storage NYC. 
  • Sell/donate – Since most officers would have a lot of cardboard boxes, you can either sell them or even donate them for other people that are currently moving. 
  • Throw away – Simple, all the things that you don’t need anymore. 

Adjusting to a smaller office by thinking vertically 

Since you do not have enough space, you should start thinking vertically. Luckily enough, you will have enough space on your walls. This means installing shelves everywhere that you can. You can easily buy them in any big furniture store and for quite cheap. Here, you can keep all the documents, office supplies, and anything else that you need for your business. If you organize your binders and folders properly, you will have an easier time finding documents that you need for your clients. Since everything is already displayed well on the shelves, you should not have problems finding items that you need. In addition to this, you should also use wall-to-wall flooring. Instead of having just one carpet on the floor, you should use durable carpet tiles. Your office space will seem larger than it actually is. 

books on the wall
Use your walls for more storage space

Use lights to your advantage 

Adjusting to a smaller office in NYC would be easier if you use lights to your advantage. No one will feel motivated to work in a small dark cubical. for this reason, you should use overhead downlighting such as track with LED spots. You can also get a small LED lamp for your desk. You should, however, avoid floor lamps because they take too much space. Lastly, you should label your cables. You don’t want to get stuck in a bunch of cables under your desk. For this reason, use cable tags for this purpose. The space under your desk away look much cleaner if you don’t have a lot of cables underneath. 

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