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Are you looking for good office space in a popular location? If you are looking for office space in Upper West Side, it means your business is flourishing. Additionally, moving your office to a popular location can bust your business and make it more successful. There are many reasons to relocate your office space, but there is the only right way to do it. Relocating office requires a lot of work and it’s not easy to do it while trying to maintain your regular business. For this reason, you should hire one of the moving companies NYC to help you with relocating your office. Your job in this move will be finding a new office space in the best location for your business while movers will do the rest. Here are a few locations that might interest you. 

What is a good location for office space in Upper West Side? 

When choosing a new location for your office, you should choose smartly. There are a few factors that make one location better for business than other. The factor that makes a location good for business is accessibility. You must pay attention that your new office space will be easily accessible with public transport. For this reason, the Upper West Side presents an ideal location for your office space as it’s one of the most connected neighborhoods in whole NYC and that says a lot. Public transportation is well made and organized. There are a couple of bus lines that can take you to every part of NYC and have bus stops at almost every corner. Upper West Side public transportation is not only limited to bus transportation. There are also subway lines that take you almost everywhere. For this reason, Upper West Side can be considered an easily accessible location. 

people walking on the streets
Your office should be easily accessible

Is it better to choose an office lease for your office? 

An office lease is a good option if you are planning on making a long commitment for at least 5 to 10 years. You will be signing a contract with a landlord or existing tenant via a sublease and you will get an office space in good condition but an empty one. You will be required to bring your furniture with Upper West Side movers, install internet, cables, and other necessaries. This might sound like a lot of work for a lot of money that you will be paying. However, you will be having the freedom to decorate the office space how you like and to give it a personal touch. The best locations for office leased spaces are the following.

  • 33 West 60th Street 
  • 2234 Broadway 
  • 2231 Broadway 
  • 113 W 78th St 
  • 133 W 72nd St 
  • 45 W 67th St 

Is co-working space for office space in Upper West Side better for you? 

An office lease is not for everyone’s budget. Another more affordable option is co-working space. Co-working means that you and your employees will share an office space with other employees from other companies. This also means you will be sharing the renting cost, the cost of maintaining, and etc. However, this also means that you won’t have complete freedom in decorating office space and less storage space for your items. You should choose co-working office space if you are going to stay for a limited time. Additionally, if you won’t have enough storage space in your office, you can keep them at storage units Manhattan until you find a bigger and more permanent solution. Locations for co-working spaces are the following.

  • 157 Columbus Avenue 
  • 142 West 57th Street 
  • 70 West 107th Street 
  • 3 Columbus Circle 
  • 33 West 60th Street 
  • 787 Eleventh Avenue

But there might be more opportunities if you look hard enough. Co-op working spaces are becoming increasingly popular and more and more establishments convert to them.

people riding bikes
Decide if you want to share office space

The reason to look for office space in Upper West Side 

Upper West Side is a neighborhood in Manhattan that’s located between Central Park and the Hudson River on the east and west respectively. Upper West Side is considered as an affluent and primarily residential area. However, this neighborhood is home to many media giants like Time Warner, Sesame Workshop, and ABC. There are also two licensed music companies that are BMI and ASCAP. Besides these media giants, there are also many offices from smaller companies dealing in technology, advertising, information, and media. For this reason, moving your small business to Manhattan and Upper West Side could be the potential breakthrough that you are waiting for. Additionally, Upper West Side is a great place for living and maybe your employees will want to relocate to Upper West Side too. There is a great choice of restaurants, bars, shops, cultural and recreation options. 

Lifestyle, education, and the general vibe of Upper West Side

Upper West Side is mostly a residential neighborhood where mostly rich people live. This means it’s also a safe neighborhood with low crime rates. The biggest advantage of the Upper West Side is its proximity to Central Park and Riverside Park. You will be able to take a break from long hours in the office by taking a relaxing walk in Central Park or other almost equally beautiful parks. There are many public and private elementary and high schools with good ratings. Also, there are a lot of colleges and universities and more notable ones are Columbia University, The Juilliard School, and New York Institute of Technology. While working in Upper West Side, you can also enjoy cultural options in this neighborhood. The most famous museums are the American Museum of Natural History, New-York Historical Society Museum & Library, Rose Center for Earth and Space, and etc. 

people in the park
You should consider the proximity to green space

Why choose Upper West Side for your business? 

Upper West Side is a great neighborhood both for living and working. Finding a good location for office space in Upper West Side is not hard. The price point for office space in Upper West Side is surprisingly affordable. The average rent for office space is $70 per square foot which is slightly lower than the average office rent in Midtown that is $77 per square foot. For this reason and many more, Upper West Side is becoming a popular place for young companies. After you find your new office space in the new neighborhood, now it’s time to plan your move. 

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