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Living in the economic center of the world can sometimes be very stressful. Having to hurry everywhere in order to keep your business in line, or some minor things like being late to your bus. It is only human to have enough of it and just want to unwind. And what is the best way to unwind? To watch a game in one of the best Manhattan sport bars! Whichever sport you prefer, there is a bar to accommodate your wishes. This is especially important for all you people that moved recently to Manhattan with moving companies Upper West Side. Newcomers often experience this stress because they are not used to such an environment. So, we have compiled a list of the best Manhattan sport bar to relax and unwind. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Drink a refreshing pint of beer at one of the best Manhattan sport bars!
Drink a refreshing pint of beer at one of the best Manhattan sport bars!


Standings is by far one of the best Manhattan sport bars. One of the reasons for this is that they have always stayed neutral and have never rooted for one team specifically. You can see this when you look at any wall in this place. Sports memorabilia of all kinds such as jerseys, helmets, caps, balls, and all from different teams. Why rent storage when you can open a bar? This bar is iconic in its true celebration of sports. The bar has 8 TVs, 12 different types of beer, and another interesting idea, which is the “bring your own food policy”. They allow you to get food somewhere else and come watch a game with your friends. How cool is that?! It is located in East Village in 43 E 7th St. and is the gold standard of New York City sports bars.


Blondies is a bar located in Upper West Side at 212 W 79th St. Upper West side is known for its museums and a huge number of therapists, but that does not mean that you can’t relax in one of the best Manhattan sport bars! If you have heard about Blondies bar, you have probably heard about their amazing wings! One of the best wings in New York City, and along with that there are a lot of TVs, and even some 2 for 1 happy hour discounts. Other than wings, there is all of the regular finger food you can find at a beer bar. The staff is very welcoming and will make you feel like you are at home. The only difference is that there are many more fans of sports and food and beer! If you are moving to Manhattan, local movers NYC will surely recommend this one as a great place to unwind after your move!

Josie Wood Pub

This one is known among young people in college. Located in New York University Village at 11 Waverly Pl, it can really remind you of the great days when you were cheering for a pre-professional team while in college. You have probably stopped following that team, but if you visit Josie Wood Pub, you can reminiscence on how great it felt when you had followed them lay their heart on the court or field. There are multiple TVs lined up on the wall above the bar, and the kitchen is great as well. There are also pool tables and darts to play during half time. They probably needed help while moving pool tables, and enlisting movers to do so is a good idea! Reasonable beer prices are another thing that makes this place a great bar to visit.

old-school bar
There are many old-school bars in Manhattan!

Lion’s Head Tavern

Lion’s head tavern is another bar in the Upper West Side of one of the most elite NYC neighborhoods. It is located at  995 Amsterdam Avenue and it is predominantly a New York Mets bar. This does not mean that you can’t go here if you are not a Mets fan. However, you should probably not cheer for other teams out loud in order not to annoy the regulars. There are a lot of TVs on the walls, and you can see at least one from every point in the bar. There is also a wide selection of beers and a whopping 8 types of wings. They range from mild to very spicy, so be careful which one you choose. This bar exists for 17 years and many a satisfied customer can attest to that. Another thing about the bar is that the beers are very affordable. Even though it is a Mets bar, they clearly state that everyone is welcome to one of the best Manhattan sport bars!

Boxers HK

This one is an interesting pick. The name of the bar should point you to the direction where this argument is headed. The waiters are wearing only boxers! There are three Boxers bars in New York City, but not we will focus on the one in Hell’s Kitchen. It is huge with 3 levels including a rooftop section. It even has an outdoor smoking section! Other than the waiters in boxers, the bar offers oven-baked pizzas a wide selection of beers, and of course, a lot of sports coverage. They also regularly have 2 for 1 deal and a plethora of music events, predominantly DJ sets. 

two friends drinking at a bar
Enjoy your favorite game with your friends!

Foley’s NY Pub & Restaurant

This is one of the top baseball bars on this list and is also regarded as one of the best ones in the country. The best thing about this bar is that it is the host of the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame. 3.500 autographed balls, game-worn jerseys, stadium seats, and all other sorts of sports memorabilia. The bar offers a wide selection of food and it is not just pub grub, and it features fish and chips, traditional Irish breakfast, the shepherd’s pie and much more! Located in Midtown West at 18 West 33rd St, consider this bar an open invitation to food, beer, and of course, sports enjoyment! One of the best Manhattan sport bars, indeed!


If you are in Manhattan, visiting one of these sports bars will not leave you indifferent. If you are looking for a good place of sports worship, and also a good place to eat and drink beer, choose some of the best Manhattan sport bars around. Good luck in your pub crawl!

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