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The Big Apple is a city of many delights. A true cultural cocktail filled with features to fit any and all. With a population breaching 8 and a half million residents, you can see that many have found or are at least trying their best to find their rightful place in this urban jungle. Let’s assume that you want to be one of those people. An individual who can call him or herself a true New Yorker. It does have a ring to it. However, the best way to start any undertaking is to define a clear goal. In this case, for starters, it would be smart to recognize which area of NYC you would like to live in. Henceforth, we have carefully selected these few elite NYC neighborhoods worthy of your attention. Go through this list meticulously in order to determine what fits you best.

A aerial shot of NYC at night
New York City is overflowing with opportunities for people of any background and aspiration. Still, there are certain neighborhoods one ought to aspire to.

A great starting point

In a lovely and easternmost of the five boroughs of NYC that is Queens, lays a wonderful neighborhood that is Astoria. Welcoming residents and a real sense of community are not the only perks of this place. Living in Astoria allows you to get a larger space for your money. Having that this is a feature highly sought after, we’d say that Astoria is definitely one of the elite NYC neighborhoods. In addition, besides being rather affordable, your new place will also have quick access to JFK International Airport, as well as direct trains into Midtown Manhattan. And this is not where the conveniences of this area end. Just ask your Manhattan moving services about Astoria while on your way there, and the mentioning of an abundance of exquisite Greek food is bound to come up.

A true family place

If you are moving with kids, Park Slope ought to be your destination. This neighborhood located in Brooklyn borough will have you feeling at home in no time. Its peaceful vibe and proximity to nature are Park Slope’s most praised features. Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the Brooklyn Museum are all super close. You even have a farmers market within a walking distance. Having that you want only the best for your offspring, Park Slope will prove to be just the place for your family. One of the reasons why it’s so popular with young families is its great public school system. Not to mention the safe streets and close community. Still, if raising children is not on your agenda, Park Slope will present itself as a peaceful place where everyone can find their rightful spot.

One of the more elite NYC neighborhoods

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Craving culture? Upper East Side has just what you need.

If you plan on moving to Manhattan, you simply must consider making the Upper East Side your home. Manhattan itself is one of, if not the most elite NYC neighborhoods. However, the Upper East Side has a certain vibe to it that does not resemble an obnoxious and cold community. It is rather a quiet and family-friendly place. It is also right next to Central Park. The streets are lined with trees, giving them an air of calm. The neighborhood itself looks rather stately. If you are an art enthusiast, the Upper East Side will do more than deliver. Some of the more notable world-class museums located here are:

  • The Met
  • Guggenheim
  • The Frick
  • Neue Galerie

A true feel of former NYC

Lower East Side is a mighty fine example of what New York City used to look like. Well known and loved for its diversity, Lower East Side was the cultural melting pot of NYC. All who flocked to New York somehow ended up here, making the area intersected with different communities. Today, you can take a stroll through the Little Italy and Chinatown, and get that unique feel of thriving cultural hubs. Still, these are not the only areas that contribute to the vibrant mix of the neighborhood. An abundance of new restaurants and shops all over the area will show you the true meaning of diversity.

A west town

Just kidding. It’s the complete opposite. The East Village, to be exact. You see, while most of the elite NYC neighborhoods ebb and flow in popularity, sometimes within the same decade, the draw to East Village has remained constant. Many artists have found their ideal place in this area. Avenue A is still almost reserved for playwrights, musicians, and poets. You can find them sipping coffee in the neighborhood’s many cafes and underground jazz clubs. If you are adamant on moving here, we suggest that you stop by one of the local’s favorite bar, the Otto’s Shrunken Head. Having that this place has thrived despite the neighborhood’s changing facade, you will understand why the East Village still has that old NYC vibe that most neighborhoods in Manhattan have lost at this point.

A girl painting on a wall
If you are an artist looking for sanctuary, one of the elite NYC neighborhoods to consider is definitely East Village.

A charming neighborhoods

Some would even dare to call West Village as the most charming neighborhoods in Manhattan. We would definitely restrain from disagreeing. Once you move away from the skyscrapers of Uptown, Midtown, and the Financial District, you will find yourself in this peaceful and quiet place. Tree-lined streets, townhouses, independent shops, cafes, and a great neighborhood feel is why people simply adore West Village. And, if you ever feel the need for a change of scenery, SoHo, East Village and Union Square, some of the elite NYC neighborhoods, are just a short walk away.

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