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Your family is getting bigger but so are your worries. Will your baby have everything he or she deserves? Can you keep him safe? What will his childhood be like? So many questions and so little time to decide where to start with the planning. Indeed, you want your family to have a nice place to call home. However, you are torn up between choosing the right borough to raise your family. Brooklyn vs. Manhattan is a tough choice, especially if you have already been living in The City. We understand your frustration and are ready to help with some advice on where should young parents move to. Read through the article, and you will hopefully get some clarity.

Livings space size and cost of living

As your family is getting bigger, you are paying more attention to your finances. So, when choosing your next living space, you must look at the cost of living. Manhattan is known for its spectacular skyline of corporate buildings and affluent neighbourhoods. Living in Manhattan doesn’t come low, and rent prices are higher than the US average. The average rent for an apartment in Manhattan, compared to Brooklyn, is still more expensive. Brooklyn is famous for its brownstones and pre-war building that offer a lot of open space apartments. If you are a young couple thinking where should young parents move to, Brooklyn would be a good option. But before you call your NYC moving and storage experts to assist you with the relocation, think hard about the two options. They are both great boroughs.

brooklyn brownstones
Brooklyn is world famous for its brownstone buildings

Lifestyle and community

If you are inclining to choose a borough depending on the lifestyle people lead, you should know there are differences. They say Manhattan is a place where the 1% live. If you like to surround yourself with wealthy, busy business people, you already made up your mind. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is home to entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners. If you would rather that your family spends time with such people than go for one of Brooklyn’s neighbourhoods. Before you call up your Brooklyn movers and schedule your moving day, think if you will miss the vibrant life of Manhattan. Chances are you will, but you could still experience the heart of The City in all its splendour and then go home to Brooklyn. With a bit of juggling, you could have the best of both worlds.

Commute to work and public transport

A great thing about New York City is how well connected all the neighbourhoods are. Using the subway, you can easily connect with almost any part of the city. If you are commuting to work, the subway might be your best choice of transportation. You can quickly settle with your family in Brooklyn and go to work in Manhattan. When choosing your apartment location, always ask your realtor about subway stations near you. If there aren’t any look around for other means of transport like busses, Citi Bike and similar. As NYC traffic is so congested, public transportation is the best way to get around. It would help if you kept this in mind, especially when choosing your Manhattan movers. The narrow streets and double parking are significant challenges to cause moving delays. You want to hire experienced NYC movers who know the city like the palm of their hand.

subway entrance
Access to the subway could be strong criteria when deciding where should young parents move

There are a lot of attractions for young families in both neighbourhoods

When thinking about where should young parents move to, you can explore options to spend quality free time. Now that your family is getting bigger, you will want to spend your weekends and evenings with your family. Searching for fun ways to spend quality time can be equally successful in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Living in Manhattan will give you access to Central Park, the Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway. All these attractions are famous tourist destinations, as well. So, you might find yourself bumping into tourists on the street, on your way to work or your kids’ recital. If that is something that gets you stressed, think about leading a peaceful life in Brooklyn, a 10-minute subway ride away. Your young family could easily apricate Brooklyn own attractions like Coney Island and Luna Park.

Deciding where should young parents move is all about priorities

Moving is serious business, and deciding to pack your life and move to a new apartment or house is stressful. If you count in a new family member, the challenge is even more significant. To help with this endeavour, you should hire local NYC movers who know the city and easily navigate without delays. Also, you want a list of priorities by which you decide where is the best place to raise a family. There are so many New Yorkers changing neighbourhoods, chasing for business opportunities, greenery, peacefulness, nightlife or cultural scene. Your realtor should help you get a better feel of the whole Manhattan vs. Brooklyn thing if you set a precise list of priorities. Whether you prefer a more peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, or you cannot live without the fast-paced dynamics of midtown.

young couple searching online where young parents should move
Think about what is important to you when looking for a place to live. Set up a list of priorities

Manhattan vs. Brooklyn – the verdict

There are so many reasons to be in love with both neighbourhoods. However, if the question of where should young parents move to keeps you up at night, we feel you. It is not easy to be having a new member of the way and moving to a new house simultaneously. Think about what kind of community you would want your child to grow up in. Imagine his or her childhood, think about school options and access to places where you could spend time as a family. Think about how inclusive you want your new neighbourhood to be. Consider public transport, access to parks and greenery and other specific criteria close to your heart. We are sure you will make the right choice, whatever you choose.


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