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Remote work has never been so popular as now. Due to many external circumstances, people are more or less forced to work from their homes. It is hard to adapt to your new working environment, especially because most people would rather relax instead of work in their home. However, since you have to work remotely, you should feel motivated and ready to complete your work-related tasks. This means choosing your neighborhood carefully. If you are planning to move with Divine Moving and Storage, then, you should consider two NYC boroughs. Most remote workers choose either Brooklyn or Manhattan but which one is better?  

Brooklyn or Manhattan – the cost of living 

Life in New York City is anything but cheap. The most expensive part of the city would be Manhattan. The cost of living in Manhattan is 148% higher than the average cost for the majority of American cities. If you plan to rent an apartment in Manhattan, then you can expect to pay around $3500 per month. The average rent in NYC would be around $2300. On the other hand, if you plan to buy a property in Manhattan, then the average cost per square foot is around $1376. in the other parts of the city, per square foot, you would pay around $700. Since it is quite expensive to live in Manhattan, you should start saving money right away. Make sure to hire Manhattan movers on time and prepare your relocation within the limits of your budget. 

building in either Brooklyn or Manhattan
Life in Manhattan is quite expensive and stressful

Living costs – part II 

As you might have noticed, the most expensive part of New York City would be Manhattan. Unfortunately, the next one would be Brooklyn. When you compare Brooklyn to Manhattan, the second one is definitely more expensive. The average rental price in Manhattan is around $3500. In Brooklyn, if you want to rent an apartment, you will hardly find anything less than $2500. As you can see, you can save $1000 only on your monthly rent. However, this also depends on the location of your future home in both NYC boroughs. On the same note, if you plan to purchase a property in Brooklyn, it is going to be slightly cheaper than Manhattan. Still, you should be prepared to save a lot of money in order to afford your future home and Brooklyn movers. This is especially important since you need to work remotely. 

Brooklyn or Manhattan – places to go in Brooklyn 

If you cannot find enough motivation to do your job in your house, you can always go outside. There are plenty of places around Brooklyn where you can find other people working remotely. Here are some of them. 

  • 61 Local – it serves both as a night bar and coffee shop during the day. There is free Wifi, coffee, sandwiches, and so on. After you finish your work, you can treat yourself to a beer in the evening. 
  • Berg’n – another similar place where you can both work and enjoy some beer in the evening.  
  • Freehold – another great bar that has similar aesthetics to a hotel lobby. 
  • Brooklyn Library Central Branch – if you happen to like really quiet places, then, head over to the library. The Central Library offers brightly lit rooms, free WiFi, computers, and lots of chairs and tables where you can work. 
brooklyn bridge
There are many places where you can go to work remotely

Places to go in Manhattan 

If you happen to prefer living in Manhattan, you will have no problems finding a suitable place to work outside your house. Manhattan is filled with pretty and interesting coffee shops where you can bring your laptop and use their Wi-Fi if you buy one cup of coffee. However, if you are new to Manhattan, here are some places you should visit that are popular among remote workers. 

  • Ace Hotel – During the day, the lobby bar at the ace hotel is a perfect place for remote work. It has got free Wi-Fi, plenty of comfortable couches, and a bar that serves drinks and snacks. 
  • The Library at the NoMad – the library bar at the NoMad hotel is open for non-hotel guests.  
  • The Rose Main Reading Room at the New York Public Library – a quiet and comfortable place. 

How to work remotely in either Brooklyn or Manhattan? 

It is hard to keep yourself motivated while working remotely. Therefore, you should create a schedule. Have your day planned out and try to stick to the schedule. Establish a time to start and end your work. Then, you should find a place and make it your dedicated workspace. When you see this place in the future, you will associate it with your work. In addition to this, if you have this choice, try to work in small blocks of time. You will be more productive and less likely to do something else instead. Then, try to limit your distractions and interruptions. Put your phone on do not disturb mode and tell your friends and family that you are working currently. However, it is also important to have a break. In order to keep yourself motivated, promise yourself a reward if you work for a certain period of time. 

focus written on the fist
It can be quite challenging to keep yourself motivated when working remotely

Which one should you choose? 

As you can see, between Brooklyn or Manhattan, Brooklyn is definitely a cheaper option. However, which one you would prefer, depends solely on your personal preference. Luckily, both Brooklyn and hat and have plenty of coffee shops, bars, libraries, and other places where you can do your work. On the other hand, if you decide to stay in your house and work, try to keep yourself motivated. Whether you will choose, mostly depends on your budget and on your preference. If your salary is high enough and you prefer Manhattan, then you can try and find a suitable apartment for yourself here. However, if you prefer to save money, then you should live in Brooklyn. In any case, both Brooklyn and Manhattan are amazing places to live in. 


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