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Everybody in this beautiful wide world likes to have money and at the same time to enjoy life. Imagine that you have enough money and time for everything that you think of, like working lesser and traveling more. Eating everyday food like some royalty, or having the ability to live where ever you want. One of the real abilities is to save money when moving to NYC. Sometimes people have to change some things in their lives. You need to think of ways of doing it in the most adequate and economical method. We live in the real world. Even though we want to have at the same moment money, time, and the ability to enjoy life, like in a dream  – we cannot. There are few things that we CAN do in our lives to make us happier and relaxed in this place where we live.

NYC buildings from the sky
Look at that view from the window!

Making a difference – Save money while moving to NYC

Someone wants, for example, to make a big difference in their life. One person maybe is in desperate need of to change their job. The other one just wants to change the place where they live. Someone else wants more opportunities in the bigger and better city where everyone goes to explore or find themselves. If it is that case – then New York City is probably the best option. New York City is a unique and big place where you can find everything. There is diversity among restaurants, art attractions, cultural events. You could choose places where you could live – the area where the house or apartment is located, etc. In this city live every sort of people, but it is pretty much expensive to live in it.

Whatever is the reason for moving to this popular, enormous, beautiful, and strange city you need to think of ways of doing it in the most economic method. Whether you decided to move from some smaller city of the world to NYC or just inside of NYC from one end of town to the other. It is much better to save money when moving to NYC. Better than later when you must continue to live life in the new house and area where you are now trying to enjoy life to the full extent. 

Don’t break your piggy bank

Now when you know that, definitely, your new location to live in is New York City, you need to ask yourself how I can save money when moving and where I can find answers for that?

Answers are always in preparation and planning!

Here are 5 ways to save money when moving to New York City:

  • Managing your time in a proper way
  • Hiring a good and affordable moving company
  • Finding the best moving supplies NYC
  • “Hiring” your friends or family to help you with the process
  • Arrange your properties – old and new ones

These are the most important ones, from many options that one person could think of while moving. Maybe in the process, you will find the rest of the ways to save time and money. These 5 ways, for now, are enough for you to start planning one of the most important decisions in your life.

Pink piggy bank
The less you spend while you moving to NYC the better!

A glimpse into details – Properly managing your time

Early bird gets the worm! If you start planning everything on time

you will avoid unplanned expenses that arise in moments when you are in the rush and late. 

  • Choose the best period for moving, avoid days or parts of months that are usually most popular. If you make a plan for relocating in the middle of the week and on top of that – in the middle of the day – while everyone else is working you will be able to transport all of your stuff quicker.
  • Put everything on paper, make a detailed plan arranged by dates, days, and hours if you can. Do not try to prolong everything nor should you haste.

Hiring a good and affordable moving company

People you work with must be professionals! Sometimes is better if you give in the start a little bit more money if the moving company that you hired is good and know how the job should be handled. If you try to cooperate with someone who does a bad job you will be stuck with consequences and unprofessionalism. 

Finding the best moving supplies NYC

The next thing that is closely related to moving companies is moving supplies. That seems to be an easy answer to the question: where to buy moving boxes NYC?

It is way better to buy new boxes than to use some old ones. In most cases old and already used boxes by someone else is, at first sight, easier but in that case, you can face problems like box tearing and damage of your properties that you are transporting or being unable to arrange stuff by size and weight because you do not have proper boxes.

Make a plan to organize boxes:

  • By size – heavy objects are better to be put in a small box so they can be easier for you to move around the new house while settling the interior, while the lite ones are better to be handled with a bigger box so you can know that everything is in the one place
  • By type – the similar objects should be in the same type of boxes and properly labeled. You could choose wider boxes for the clothes and narrow ones for paintings and stuff that need to be saved from damage from moving around if there is too much space
Save money when moving to NYC using boxes on the pallet
Fresh and strong box for your properties!

“Hiring” your friends or family to help you with the process

Once you find a moving company and where to buy moving boxes in NYC, and also all the moving supplies, you will need to see how to manage time for packing. This is how you save money when moving to NYC. It is great if you could start by yourself. In this way, you can know for every detail where you have put it and in which box. Some of your friends and family, of course, could help and in that way, you also save money rather than hire and pay someone to do the same thing. This way you can be sure that it is the best for later unpacking.

Arrange your properties – old and new ones

The last thing that could save you the money and spare you the trouble of too much packing is to think about where you go, what it is like that new place, the new house? Do you need all the stuff? Can you get rid of some old ones? Maybe you can sell something or give it away, donate? Less is more sometimes! You could save money and time if you pack less! After the moving process is over you can also think about what to do whit all the boxes, maybe there you can also save money for later in the future.

Take a bite of The Big Apple

You are finished packing and you are moving to your new home in the big city, explore everything that you can. Now you can stop worrying about planning, where to buy supplies, or who you are going to ask for help to pack. It is time to relax a bit and spend money on yourself because you deserved it.

You made a great plan on how to save money when moving to NYC and the time to do it. You can go and move on with your new life and maybe your new job and make new friends because everything is possible in New York.


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Born and raised in the upper east side of NYC. I consider myself an expert with anything moving or storage related aspects in New York City. Having been in the NYC relocation industry for almost two decades I found myself at a point that I am able to answer and help my clients on the first phone call. NYC is amazing and I can't wait for it to recover from the COVID related closures. Feel free to email or call anytime! 212-244-4011