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Manhattan is probably the most famous part of NYC. Everyone has heard about Manhattan even if they live on the other side of Earth. Because of its immense popularity, many people would love to live in Manhattan. However, you should always do your research about the place before you decide to move and hire moving companies NYC. By now, you probably know how it can be quite expensive to live in the center of NYC. Usually, all the articles that you can find about Manhattan would focus mostly on the prices. For this reason, here are all the fun facts about living in Manhattan. Sometimes, interesting facts can be more useful than already well-known things. after all, you can always impress locals with your knowledge about Manhattan. 

Fun facts about living in Manhattan – cars are useless 

Usually, it is always better to have a car. You don’t have to depend on public transport and you can easily reach any destination you have in mind. However, having a car in Manhattan can be a nightmare. First of all, it is extremely expensive to find a place that comes with a parking spot. Since most people live in the apartment, having your private parking place is going to be quite pricey. On the same note, finding a parking spot in the city is a mission impossible. Then, driving in the city can be quite stressful, especially for someone who is not very comfortable with driving. For all of these reasons, it is better if you ditch your car and use only public transport. It is extremely easy and convenient to use public transport. While you enjoy your walk, local movers Manhattan will transport all of your belongings safely. 

cars on the street
Having a car in Manhattan might not be a good choice

It is impossible to get lost 

Usually, when you move to a new city, or in this case the Manhattan, you will need some time to get used to it. Most people fear they will get lost on the way home. However, it is almost impossible to get lost in Manhattan. All you have to do is find the nearest crossroad and do a little bit of math. The streets are labeled west if they are west of 5th Ave and east if they are on the east side. Additionally, if you go north, the numbers will increase. If you go south, the numbers on the buildings will decrease. it is quite easy to remember the system, but you won’t even need to use it since everyone has smartphones these days. You can easily find your way using Google Maps. You can also use your smartphone to find the best movers in Manhattan. 

Fun facts about living in Manhattan – the New York Attitude 

People living in Manhattan or generally New Yorkers are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the state. However, you should also not get in their way. You probably heard about this myth before and it is true. People here know where they are going and they don’t want anyone standing in their way. For this reason, if you want to fit in, don’t crowd the sidewalks, don’t try to talk to someone with headphones on, and don’t be friendly to people asking for your signature or money. However, on the other hand, if you ever need help, many people would gladly point you to the nearest subway station or any place that you need. Meeting new people after your relocation can be quite stressful. Luckily, it is quite easy to make new friends in Manhattan. 

Fun facts about living in Manhattan include people walking in Manhattan
Fun fact: don’t stand in the way when Manhattanites are walking

Demographic picture  

Currently, there are around 1.5 million people living in Manhattan. With this size, you can expect a very diverse community. There are more than 200 languages spoken only in Manhattan. This alone can tell you how diverse the Manhattan population is. For example, according to statistics, 45% of the population is Caucasian, 27% would be Hispanic, 15% black, and the remaining 10% would be Asian. Additionally, you can find everything in Manhattan, from families to young professionals and CEOs. if you are moving to Manhattan all by yourself, you can easily find people that match your personality and interests. The city’s population is relatively split between men and women as well as married and are married people. This can be comforting when moving after divorce. Furthermore, if you belong to LGBTQ plus community, you will see that Manhattan is one of the most tolerant parts of the country.  

Fun facts about living in Manhattan – parks and bars 

Everyone knows about Central Park. It is probably one of the most popular parks in the entire world. There are miles and miles of trails for walking, joking, biking, and everything else. Apart from this, there are many street performances that are really interesting to watch. However, Central Park is obviously not the only park in Manhattan. You can also visit Bryant Park. It is smaller but it is as interesting as Central Park. There are evening movies during the summer they took enjoy with other locals and tourists alike. During the winter, there are many ice-skating rings and pop-up shops. On the other hand, you won’t have any problems finding interesting bars in Manhattan. However, you should go and visit one of the speakeasies. Speakeasies were illegal bars opened during the prohibition era. Visit one to enjoy vintage cocktails and the 1920s atmosphere. 

buildings in distance
Make sure to visit Central Park often

Neighborhoods to choose from 

Fun facts about living in Manhattan would not be complete without mentioning Manhattan neighborhoods. There are a couple of neighborhoods in Manhattan that stand out and you should definitely check them first.  

  • Tribeca – Tribeca means the triangle below canal street. It is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan. 
  • SoHo – SoHo is probably one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Manhattan. It was developed by artists in the 20th century. 
  • Gramercy Park – Gramercy is famous for brownstone houses and well-maintained streets. It is an exclusive park that requires a key to enter. 


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