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Moving is an exciting and at the same time troublesome business, which needs the right approach. It is not enough just to hire professional movers and think that everything is ready. Although local movers Manhattan offer various moving services, there are still some things you need to do yourself. It is best to begin preparations for the move at least 4 days in advance. Actually, it would be better to do that 7 days before, so you don’t forget anything. You can save yourself a lot of time, nerves and money if you do everything the right way. One of the things you need is stress-free packing. Therefore, we decided to provide you a short guide to coping with packing your home.

What you must have for coping with packing your home

In order to pack easily, you will need cardboard boxes of all sizes and shapes. You should inspect the garage, pantry, and attic, ask for a couple of cardboard boxes from friends. And if there is not enough, you can always find the packing materials for sale. For that purpose, old and new newspapers, a bubble wrap or pieces of foam plastic are also suitable.

Moving stress
It’s easy to avoid packing stress if you follow some simple rules

You can stick boxes and ruptured corners with adhesive tape. Also, dense wrapping paper is something you will need for painless packing of the paintings and mirrors. You should tie up a pile of books, small boxes and details of furniture. Therefore, it would be more convenient to carry them from the apartment to the car and back.

Books and dishes

Firstly, you should grab things on open shelves and in cabinets to make sure you take everything. Books and important journals you should sort by size and fold into small stacks wrapped in paper. Put wrap paper in a box, seal, and sign, and then put in a corner. You should not drag the dust collecting textbooks on physics or clippings from old newspapers with you. It would be better to give them to a neighbor or a local library.

Wrapping paper
Important: Do not skimp on paper or newspaper. The thicker the layer, the less damage to the dishes

Moving is an excellent occasion to get rid of excess. Put aside cracked plates, cups with hammered handles, leaky pans and other kitchen amenities unfit for later use. Later you can throw them away, adapt for homeless cats’ bowls or give to children for playing in the sand. The rest you should wrap in newspapers and easily pack into bags. Put large pots and pans on the bottom, and smaller ones above. Place cups and plates inside, between which you should put paper or pieces of soft fabric. For crystal and other fragile items, take a separate box, so that valuables do not turn into pieces of glass during transportation.

Clothes and cosmetics

Bring the clothes out and sort it by seasons. Put aside the jeans, which became small ten years ago. Things that no one wears, it is better to distribute to friends or take to an orphanage. Depending on the type, you can fold or roll your clothes for moving. If it is summer, first pack down jackets and spring jackets, put in handbags terry dressing gowns and pants with a fleece. In a separate compact bag put the clothes that you will need in the coming days, underwear and towels.

Pack cosmetics with detergents and other hygienic devices in cellophane bags, separately from shoes and clothes. Bottles, even well-clogged, can open at any time, and then you have to wash toilet water or massage oil of your favorite blouse. Those are some small tips for coping with packing your home.

Small appliances

A hairdryer, an electric kettle, a microwave oven and a curd bar you can sort into individual boxes. Or, you can put them into one large box, dividing each object by a thick wall of paper or a bubble wrap.

Alternative – wrap in terry towels and put in bags, incidentally remembering the rules of the game of Tetris. It is necessary to maximally compactly arrange all the objects so that there are no empty corners left. Stuff the empty spots with balls of newspapers. You can also use folded socks, curtains and other soft things that do not take up much space.

Large furniture

When transporting sofas and cabinets, there is the main rule: to disassemble everything you can, and then assemble later. Stickers and a marker are useful here. When disassembling the backs of the bed, be sure to mark where to return it. If the house has several similar lockers with removable doors, you can mark the details with numbers. And if you want to make it easier for yourself, you can hire a company that offers furniture removal NYC.

Large appliances

Pack refrigerator, washing machine and other large appliances in factory boxes. If you don’t have them or they are unlikely to survive the move, use new cardboard boxes. Wrap the appliances around with a bubble wrap, fill the void inside with polystyrene. Finally, use the adhesive tape to seal on top with several layers. That way you are sure you packed safely. Be sure to make a note of where the bottom is so that you don’t place refrigerator upside down.

Box with fragile
Do not forget to label everything

You must empty the washing machine, so that no water remains inside, which can leak and soak the cardboard box. You must defrost and clean the refrigerator, and pack it only after it has completely dried.

Nuances of coping with packing your home

  1. Put shoes in boxes or wrap them in cellophane bags, and then compactly pack into a suitcase or travel bag. Leave only one pair of shoes or boots for each member of the family.
  2. Clothes that cannot be kneaded and folded, wrap with covers and place in a long box. That will make packing easy.
  3. Free kitchen cabinets from packages with cereals and spices. You can put pouches with condiments and jars of tea in a pot, and put the rest in a separate box. Food should not be mixed with cosmetics, clothing or tools.
  4. Twist carpets in tubes, tie them on both sides and in the middle with a string. After that, load them into the truck in this form.
  5. You can sign the boxes with numbers by making a list on a separate sheet, what things are under which number. That can really make a difference in coping with packing your home.
  6. Things that are resistant to mechanical damage are loaded into the machine first. Put the boxes with crystal and other fragile items on top. It is desirable that the boxes and furniture are tight and do not bend when the car turns to the sides.

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