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When people move for the first time in New York, they often make all the classic mistakes. They wait until the last minute to get all of the packing done. They ask their flaky friends to help them carry the larger items down the stairs. And they often call the wrong moving company. The one that charges ridiculous fees only to throw all of furniture in the truck without proper padding. Or the that expects a hefty tip the minute all of those boxes have been stacked sloppily on the curb.

Whether you’ve never moved within NY or you’re a seasoned apartment hopper, it’s good to know how to find the right moving company. Because with all the stress that moving entails, handing over the reigns to the movers, even for a bit, should be the most relaxing part.

Here’s our guide to choosing the best moving company in the five boroughs.

Moving In NYC

  1. Look for someone local.


You don’t have to be in the city long, or even have a driver’s license, to you realize that it is not easy to navigate our NYC streets. Parts of the city are on a grid, the other parts are a historical maze. It’s tricky to know which streets are one-ways, and it takes just the right balance of aggressive honking and smooth driving to get anywhere in any neighborhood.


When you look to a national moving company, then, you might not get someone who has the knowledge, and, let’s face it, the patience to deliver your belongings quickly and safely. Only the local movers can do that.


  1. Check the reviews.


We live in an age in which we have quick access to a company’s successes and missteps. By reading online reviews, you can easily see how other people have experienced the service. Read ours here.

Our recommendation is not that you should try to find a company with no flaws. After all, it’s New York. Things often don’t go perfectly. But instead, look for a company that makes an effort to correct any mistakes and offer positive solutions.


And, don’t underestimate the value of good reviews. After all, the internet is filled with angry people, and customers who have had a good experience will rarely write about it. Only when the service was exceptionally good will the average person sit down to write a positive review.

a review of Divine NYC movers 

  1. Remember: Experience Means Success.


Businesses come and go at such a rapid rate in this city that even restaurants that have been around a few years start to feel like institutions. So, if you come across a moving company that has been doing this for a while, that’s a great sign. Plus, older companies will also be more versed in how to deal with any issues that come up, so you’ll feel taken care of on moving day. Divine Moving have been servicing NYC since 1999


  1. Give them a call.


How an employee interacts with you on the phone is a pretty good indication of how you’ll be treated on moving day. If the person on the other end of the line is forward and willing to answer your questions, you can trust that they’ll communicate well on-site.


And, this isn’t always easy advice to follow, since we live in an age where an app can circumnavigate any requirement to speak. But when it comes to a good moving company, you want to be treated like a realperson with belongings that have real sentimental value. So calling them up will give you a sense of whether they can think of you as more than just another job.


  1. Ask for the specifics.


While you have an employee on the phone, make sure to ask for the specifics like,


  • What do you charge for a deposit?
  • How can I contact your employees throughout the move?
  • How they might you deal with damaged items?
  • Are there extra fees if I live in a walk-up?
  • What is the time range you think the job will be done?


Also, don’t be shy to ask for an estimate. What a moving company charges is an indication of the service you’ll receive. Something too high and you might worry you’re getting overcharged. Something extremely low and you can probably expect to be charged hidden fees later. You’re really looking for a price that is slightly lower than the middle of the pack.


And again, don’t feel bad about asking all these questions. A tried-and-trusted company will be patient and should have all your answers at the ready.


  1. Most importantly, start looking early!

 Packing and moving

This is a huge city, and people are constantly moving around. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to vet a mover and iron out the details. Even a few months in advance isn’t too early to start getting the ball rolling.


Once you’ve found the perfect moving company, you can check it off your list and start focusing on what’s important: like scoping out the best coffee shops in your new neighborhood.

Divine Moving & Storage is the best licensed and insured moving company in NYC. We specialize in quick, efficient, and easy packing, moving and storage. Call today for a free quote! 212-244-4011

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