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When it comes to moving things from one area to another, working with a trusted and reliable moving company will always be the best choice. Going back and forth to one place just to move things will always be a hassle and exhausting. That is why, when moving becomes tiring and troublesome it is always best to work with a moving company who can make the job light and convenient. New York movers who are looking for a reliable and trusted moving company in New York, Divine Moving & Storage is the best solution. They have been helping the people of New York when it comes to the people’s moving needs.

Divine Moving & Storage offers several services that New York movers and residents will be glad to avail.


  • Divine Moving & Storage Moves your Personal Belongings to the Proper Location moving things is our expertise.

Whether New York movers or local residents of the state, Divine Moving & Storage will do the moving work on their customers’ behalf. They will move the belongings to the correct area. Movers from Manhattan who would like to live and experience a wonderful life in New York City but do not know whom to call whenever they would need to move their belongings to their new homes in New York, Diving Moving & Storage will always be present on your heed. New York movers will never have to worry for the safety of their belongings because the company always put safety first, Also, the moving company is certified and has permits which will give you ease. The movers of Divine Moving & Storage always handle all the belongings with utmost care and importance.

  • Diving Moving & Storage offers Commercial Moving

Businesses who wish to relocate their office to a much appealing area in New York will never have to worry on how they can move their office equipment and documents because Diving Moving & Storage is always here to help. New York movers who would want to have a new office atmosphere in New York can always count the company because they provide their clients 100% full performance. Nothing is impossible with Divine Moving & Storage because no matter how far your destination is, they will transport all your office supplies to its new destination as fast as they can. While Divine Moving & Storage is moving the office belongings to its new home, businesses and its employees can continue their works and will never have anything to worry about. Businesses can always rely on the company because they always make sure that everything that is being transported is tightly secured.

  • Divine Moving & Services offers Storage Solutions
moving things

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The company always makes sure that all the belongings that their customers have entrusted to them that will be moved in a new location are stored safely. They keep their storage fully protected for 24 hours. Clients will never have to be anxious of their belongings because tight security is provided by the company and they make sure that the storage’s environment is climate-controlled. Also, the moving crews will always conduct inventories to track your belongings and make sure that it is highly secured and protected.

New York movers and other clients who would want to move their belongings without getting broken or damage, they can always avail the services of Divine Moving & Storage. They will absolutely provide the best and secured delivery of their belongings to the correct destination. The company is the premier company when it comes to moving in New York. Since 2000, the company has been serving New York movers and local residents with the finest moving services that they cannot find from others. Clients who wish to work with a reliable company when it comes to moving, they can always depend on Divine Moving & Storage.

Hiring Divine Moving & Storage as a mover in New York City will never give any regrets and difficulties. Instead, New York movers and customers will receive several benefits when they choose Divine Moving & Storage as their partner in moving their belongings in the beautiful city of New York.


Working with Divine Moving & Storage will never be a hassle especially when it comes to the location. The company is accessible to all clients which means they can give attention to all of their clients whether in Manhattan or New York City. Their warehouse and offices can easily be approached. Another benefit that customers can gain from Divine Moving & Storage is that their belongings will all be safe because the company make sure that detectors are installed 24 hours to ensure security. The belongings will never be dirt because the storage and warehouse are always well maintained.

In addition, hiring Divine Moving & Storage will be beneficial to clients because they can avail a full service which means the company does not only focus on moving the belongings to a new home or office but they will also be the one to pick up the belongings and move the items to its new homes. Also, when customers are having difficulty in packing their belongings, they can always count on Divine Moving & Storage. They will pack and box the belongings for the sake of their clients. Customers will never have any problem with Divine Moving & Storage because they will be able to obtain and experience a full service of a premier moving company in New York.

If you are planning to move in the beautiful city of New York but are having problems on how you can move your belongings in just one go, you can always depend on Divine Moving & Storage. They will move your belongings in any point of New York without causing any damage. They always transport and handle the items with care to guarantee their customers that they will never have anything to worry about. If you need a professional moving company who can perfectly do the job, contact Divine Moving & Storage through phone at 866-668-7666 or 212-244-40011 and through email at