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We are all very much aware that moving is a stressful time for the whole family. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that besides stress which will be your number one enemy during these days, you also have another fiend to worry about – moving injuries. People who decide against hiring Manhattan movers need to be careful in order to avoid injuries while moving furniture. And if you are thinking that a few scrapes and bruises aren’t that big of a deal, just know that moving can easily send you to the emergency room if not careful. So, without further ado, we’ve decided to compose a list of useful tips to learn by heart during your next move. They might be standing between you and broken bones, so read on carefully!

Being in a rush will not help you avoid injuries while moving furniture

Quite the contrary. Don’t get us wrong – we completely understand your need to pack everything as quickly as possible and be done with it. But if you want to do it safely, this isn’t the right way to approach this task. Instead, feel free to take your time with furniture removal and packing of your belongings.

A white alarm clock.
Start packing early on and you will manage to finish everything before time runs out.

In order not to be rushed, we suggest you start packing long before the day of your move comes. Ideally, we encourage you to start six to four weeks before the big day. Trust us – anything less than two weeks simply won’t be enough for you to casually pack all of your belongings. Unless you can dedicate all of your time to it, but we can only assume you can’t take weeks off of work.

Find some help for lifting your furniture

Are you regular at the gym? Do you feel more than capable to lift more than 30 pounds from once? Unfortunately, while you might be able to bench press 50 pounds, the situation will be different when carrying a household item of the same weight. Let’s take your TV as an example – especially if you have a wide one. Do you think you will be able to get a good grip of the item and easily transport it from its current position to the moving truck?

Unless you are absolutely certain it won’t slip out of your hands and fall onto your feet, breaking something in the process, we suggest you be realistic and ask for help. Hey, that’s why our Divine Moving and Storage NYC crew is always composed of a multitude of individuals. We simply believe that a relocation is not something one person can handle on his/her own.

Don’t lift anything above your head – no matter how light the box is

Even if all you have packed inside a box are a few Christmas decorations that are going to be placed in storage NYC, we strongly advise you never to lift anything above your head. The reason for this is a simple one. This type of practice will cause an unnecessary strain for your upper back and shoulders. And if you are trying to avoid injuries while moving furniture, we assume you will want to focus on the part of the body which gets injured the most – the spine. Lifting above your head will cause an injury that you might not notice right away. But, it will certainly find its way to manifest as days go by, causing a major disruption for your relocation.

A blue feather.
Unless your box is as light as a feather, do not lift it above your head.

Lift with your legs, not your back and you will avoid moving injuries

Another very common mistake that leads to all sorts of back and neck aches and injuries is this one. A lot of people find it easier or more natural to lift heavy objects by relying on the spine. But that’s as wrong as it gets. That is the opposite of managing to avoid injuries while moving furniture. Instead, when you are getting ready to lift a heavy item, lift the weight with your legs. Don’t rely on the spine. Spread your legs apart before lifting a box and use the muscles in your leg to lift. Another reason why you should heavily rely on this practice is that it will keep exhaustion at bay. Considering how long and tedious moving is, you can sure use any trick that will help you keep relaxed for a prolonged time.

Listen to the person that’s helping you carry the load

The only way to avoid strains and injuries when relocating furniture is by listening to the person that’s on the opposite side of the item. Let’s for a second imagine you two are carrying a massive couch. You feel strong enough to continue down another flight of stairs, but the other person isn’t. If you try to push through, the other person might drop his end of the couch, forcing you to drop yours. Because had you been able to carry the entire load by yourself, you would have done it.

Two people talking about trying to avoid injuries while moving furniture.
Talk it out – it is as simple as that!

And we don’t have to mention how catastrophic dropping a heavy sofa on your legs could be, right? So, don’t try to speed up your relocation by forcing another person into something they aren’t ready for. Communicate with the people who are helping you carry the load and take a break whenever they need it. That’s the only way to experience success in something as complicated as relocation. 

The bottom line

There are many precautions you can take in order to avoid injuries while moving furniture. And when it comes to this topic, this really isn’t the time to be lazy. Start packing on time, use the right techniques we mentioned here, and communicate with the people who are helping you move. Do all of these things and we have no doubt you will survive this process completely free of any injuries. Good luck!

About Author

John has been with Divine Moving and Storage in New York for nearly two decades. Starting as a young helper and climbing up the ranks to be a staple in our organization. John has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with any move or storage related needs. You can reach John or any of our associates in NYC at 212-244-4011