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Have you ever tried to think of something to do with the boxes you just used to move? Many of our NYC moving clients have been asking us about the number of different ways they could to put their used boxes to good use. With this article you will learn that not only are there unlimited ways to use these boxes creatively but there are also a plethora of ways to use these boxes to help with New York City household problems.

Ideas for Recycling your Moving Boxes

Messy tasks are the perfect match for used cardboard boxes. Perhaps you have suspected there is a leak somewhere in your house; the snow does not play in New York. Then you may consider sticking one of these boxes underneath the “leak” to see if your suspicions are correct. Not only can you use the box inside of the house, but you could also use the box underneath your car in the garage, let’s say if you had an oil leak. If you are more creative and paint inside your home, you may want to flatten the box and use it to cover your floor or carpets during any of these craft projects that may leave permanent unwanted memories.

Want some ideas for more functional ways to use these boxes? Try filling the box with your overflow of comfy blankets that you store away after the cool New York winter season. You could even cut into the box and then put some blankets inside to create your own personalized bed for your pet. You can always line the box with some duct tape and use the box as a laundry basket, for sorting or storing clean laundry. Another great use for the empty cardboard box is to gather all of your recycling from inside the house and use it to transport the recyclables out to your recycling bin for an easier method of taking it out.

Another function of these boxes you have recently purchased in order to move, may include “free storage”. Before the age of plastic bins, cardboard boxes were the go-to solution for storing everything from pictures to snow clothes. These days plastic bins are quite expensive and can add up quickly. Just grab some scissors and duct tape and you are ready to begin designing your own personal storage units. A few ideas that you may want to utilize this storage for could include, tax papers, magazines, books, office supplies, toys, and so much more!

Facts about Cardboard Boxes

The average move requires about 60 boxes that consumes about more than half of a one ton pine tree! One pine tree could yield about 805 pounds of paper! To break it down even further, one pine tree could produce roughly 80,500 sheets of paper. That will last someone a month or more. So as you can see, if you can find a way to reuse your old moving boxes you are not only helping your pockets out, but you are helping our planet!

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So, you’re finally moving and you’re excited about it, but as soon as you realize how much packing you have to do, the excitement is sucked right out of you. Nobody enjoys packing for a move because the concept of packing everything away into boxes, only to unpack it shortly after the fact – plus, you have to find new places to put all your stuff. With that being said, there are actually some moving hacks out there that will make your packing experience not AS bad, because it’ll be bad regardless.

Sometimes, there are elements within our possession that are difficult to pack, and even thinking of packing them just helps you picture opening a box full of broken glass. Its instances like these where packing hacks are really useful because you can see how ingenious some of movers can be.

10 Packing Hacks for Everyone Moving

  1. Instead of taking all your clothes off the hangars and folding them, take trash bags and just side them over the clothes with the hangars still on then tie the bag. All you’ll need to do in your new home will be to hang the clothes and slide the bags off.
  2. Afraid of plates breaking? Go out and invest in some Styrofoam plates, then place them in between the glass plates — this will prevent any scratching as well as broken glass provided you don’t drop the box.
  3. Speaking of dropping the box, continuously opening and closing the front door can be risky for the belongings in your hands so, take a rubber band and crisscross it over the lock so it’s blocked and can’t retract. This way, you just need to give the door a nudge to get it to open and close.
  4. Pack your basics separately in case you can’t find anything or if anything gets lost or misplaced during the move. This way, you’ll have the essentials you need. It’s best if you just pack this like a vacation bag.
  5. Did you accidentally put some holes in your walls? Use toothpaste to fill them in.
  6. Label all your boxes on the sides rather than the top so you can see what’s inside of them without having to lift a bunch of boxes to get to the one you think you’re looking for.
  7. Don’t wait till the last minute to find a moving company, especially during the summer when all the recent graduates are moving into their new apartments.
  8. If you’re worried about losing little things like screws, put them in zip-lock bags that are labeled and put somewhere that you’ll remember.
  9. When you’re packing any liquids, cover them with plastic wrap so any spills or liquid explosions are contained.
  10. Add handles to your boxes to make carrying them easier by cutting a thin rectangle on each side so you’re not straining your arms trying to reach around and maintain your grip on the box.


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