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Whether you expect traffic jams or they spontaneously occur after an accident, they infuriate, annoy and waste your time. And imagine how annoying it is for your Midtown moving company that has to deal with this all the time. Although there are many ways to make traffic jams more bearable – for example, listening to a podcast or audiobook or calling a friend – nothing compares to avoiding the traffic jams at all! But, what can you do to avoid traffic jams when moving?

First, let’s see why it is so important to avoid traffic jams when moving

Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic when he can do some more important or more interesting things. Losing your time is not something that you prefer either, is it? Just remind yourself of all the moments that you spent sitting in your car and being upset about everything. You were only thinking about coming home and having a long nice bath. It is great when you can have that. But now, imagine coming home after that and having no place nor time to take a bath. It is annoying, isn’t it? Well, that’s what you will get when moving to a new home in New York City. Traffic jams can delay your move, which can cause a lot of problems and additional expenses.

Traffic jams
Sitting in a traffic jam is something that annoys everybody

You will lose too much time

When moving, you want to finish it as quickly as possible. After all, there is a lot of other things that you need to do after the actual move. You cannot afford yourself to come to your new home two hours later just because you got stuck in a traffic jam. That will delay your whole schedule and cause even more stress.

More time on the road means higher expenses

If you are moving yourself, your truck will need much more gasoline since you are constantly stopping. And if you use services of a Manhattan moving company, their price can increase because of more hours they spend moving your belongings. If you have a limited moving budget, that can cause you some serious troubles.

Losing time also means delaying your other obligations

Maybe moving is not the only thing you were planning to do that day. If you have some other places or events you need to attend that day, you might need to reschedule them. Or excuse yourself because you were unable to come.

So, how can you avoid traffic jams when moving?

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid traffic jams. But usually, there are one or two things you can do to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Traffic jams
And, of course, avoid running into madness on the way to your new home

Avoid heavy traffic

Step 1: Use phone applications

Use phone apps to help you find the best routes and traffic delays. Download the GPS application or maps for your smartphone, such as Google Maps or Waze.

These apps can help you find alternative routes and can also alert you when traffic is especially bad. By monitoring the application, you can see places in your switched traffic that are heavily clogged, and thus choose alternative routes to avoid this.

Note: These apps are updated in real-time to show new traffic jams caused by crashes or road works so you can get the latest and most accurate reports.

Warning: Never use your phone while driving. Before you get into the car, open the app and place it on the phone holder mounted on the dashboard. Using the phone while driving puts you and others at risk. It is also illegal and can lead to a hefty ticket.

Step 2: Pay attention to traffic reports

Take a minute to review traffic reports before you start transporting your belongings. Use one of the phone’s applications, the Internet or the radio to find out the current traffic conditions. Plan the other route based on the information you receive.

Step 3: Find out how to get there

If you think that you will get stuck on the road, make a list of other routes and keep it in your car. Use the Internet search to find other routes that are similar in travel time or distance, but are less likely to have serious traffic jams. Ask your colleagues or other people who have similar trips for other routes that they travel when they go in that direction.

Family in NYC
Spending some quality time with your family can also be one of the reasons to avoid traffic jams when moving

Once you have compiled a list of available routes, start trying them a couple of days in advance. You will quickly find out which ones are faster than a traffic jam route. And find out if certain routes work better on certain days or at certain times.

Change your moving schedule

Step 1: Leave at another time

Plan to start your move at another time. By changing your schedule a bit, you can often avoid traffic jams when moving. Changing your schedule can mean less time at home, but it also means much less time in traffic jams. And much more time you can spend doing productive and enjoyable things.

Step 2: Schedule your move for another day

As we all know, weekdays are much busier than weekends. People are going to and of work, and that’s when traffic jams occur. You might want to avoid that by scheduling your move for some other day, preferably weekend. Yes, it is probably more expensive, but you will save yourself some time if you avoid traffic jams when moving. And saving time usually means saving money. After all, you will have much more time to complete your move. There are plenty of other things you need to do, for example, unpacking after the move.

Avoiding traffic jams when moving brings you more benefit than you can imagine

Moving itself is a pretty stressful event. You need to make sure that everything goes well and that all your belongings come safely. And traffic jams can only increase your stress level. Delaying your schedule and losing money because of that can really annoy you. Therefore, use these tips to avoid traffic jams when moving, and you will have a much more pleasant relocation.

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