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“Transform ‘Where-is-my-toothbrush chaos into a gleeful box fort adventure with Divine Moving’s superior unpacking services!”

Unpacking should be the easiest part of the moving process. It is much harder to pack, load the moving truck, drive and unload. Luckily, that is behind you now. All that’s left to do is unpack. Easy, right? Think again. You haven’t had a day of rest in weeks and all you want to do is take a shower and fall asleep. But you can’t do it because everything is still in those boxes. And what if you can’t find the stuff you need immediately? Planning ahead is key. Following these steps will make unpacking after the move much easier and more efficient.

Packing before the move

Now, before you get to unpacking after the move you need to pack for the move, and do it properly. If you are reading this before the move and your boxes are still empty, unpacking will be easy, provided that you follow a few simple tips.

A drawer full of clothes Unpacking after
Packing properly for the move ensures an organized start.
  • First, you need quality packing supplies. If you buy moving boxes and other supplies from a reputable moving company, you’ll know their quality is good. However, you can use the supplies you already have at home or get them for free and still have a smooth relocation.
  • Make an inventory of your belongings as you pack, while applying the right packing techniques (otherwise, you’ll be unpacking broken pieces).
  • Some people even take photos of their items in case something gets lost, damaged or if they can’t remember where things go.
  • Box up items according to room or purpose and don’t forget to label each box. You can color-code or number the boxes, too.
  • The boxes you’ll want to open first should be loaded onto the truck first and unloaded last. This way, you can take each box directly to the room which it belongs to.
  • The best movers in Manhattan can help you pack, label and create a detailed inventory list so you can unpack after the move more easily.

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Before unpacking your stuff, before even bringing your boxes into the new home, you should give it a deep clean. If the previous owners or tenants have already done it, great. However, if there’s still visible dirt, your cleaning products should be the first items to unpack after the move. A broom, sponges, paper towels and all-purpose cleaners should be among those items. If you only have time for a quick scrub, at least clean the bathtub, toilet, kitchen cabinets, and the fridge.

Where to start unpacking after the move?

We suggest that you start from the essentials box(es). This box should contain the most important items you’ll need immediately upon arrival. For example, toiletries, medications, utensils, a change of clothes, chargers for your phone and laptop, a set of linens for the first night, etc. Moreover, the essentials box should contain your pet’s toys, water bowl and bed. It is extremely important to unpack their stuff first to make them feel more comfortable in the new surroundings if moving has made them anxious.

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The next box to unpack is your choice. We recommend unpacking room-by-room. If you want to hit the hay right away, start from the bedroom. In case you want to prepare a meal first, head to the kitchen. Of course, the bathroom will be used early on, too. Later, you can move on to the less used rooms, such as the living room and the guest bedroom.

The bedroom

First, have someone help you put the bed together and get the mattress into place. Remember that set of linens in the essentials box? Now is the time to use them. Later, you can install closet organizers and shelves before you start filling them with smaller items.

The kitchen

If there is not enough time to unpack the whole kitchen, unpack only those items you will need soon, like the toaster, coffee maker and coffee mugs. Plug in all major kitchen appliances. Although we do not recommend moving on to the next room until the previous one is finished, you can go back to the kitchen when you have more time.

The bathroom

First off, start heating the water – you’ll want to take a shower once you finish unpacking for the day. The first items to unpack after the move should be a couple of towels, soap, shower gel, toothbrush, and toothpaste. The rest should be unpacked as soon as possible.

The furniture

For arranging furniture, you need a systematic plan. Floorplan sketches can help you a lot, so you do not have to do it twice. Many large items, such as pool tables and bookcases, need to be disassembled before moving. In order to assemble furniture, you need strong helpers with experience, preferably professional movers. If you use furniture removal NYC services, a team of trained professionals will take care of this.

A second round of decluttering

We hope you got rid of unwanted items before packing. Still, there might be something else you should get rid of. When you start unpacking after the move, you’ll immediately find a place for most of your belongings. However, if it turns out that your new home has less storage space than you thought, or you’re simply having second thoughts, it is time to declutter again. When you can’t decide whether you still need something, it is probably because you don’t. Using Manhattan storage services is a good solution, and so is selling/donating.

No distractions!

Unpack the TV and video games last. They can be a huge distraction. Instead of unpacking after the move, you could end up watching TV for hours. In addition, your kids or grandkids can distract you during the unpacking process. If they are too young, ask someone to take care of them while you unpack. If they are a little older, let them help by unpacking some of their personal belongings.  It will keep them entertained and help them beat the moving blues.

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