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A storage facility is an ideal place to store belongings you recently decluttered from your home and do not want to throw away. It is also the most convenient way of storing items while moving, renovating, or traveling. Your belongings are safely packed away in the storage unit. Our experts at Divine Moving and Storage have come up with a quick guide on how to keep your Manhattan storage neat at all times. Even though you don’t use store items regularly, you’ll benefit from a neat and clean storage space.

5 steps to keep your Manhattan storage neat at all times

Disorganized storage space leads to chaos. Before we talk about ways to organize your unit, consider renting a slightly bigger unit than you intended. If you have the exact amount of space to fit all your items, you limit your organizational abilities. Granted, you’ll save some money that way, but it may be a small difference in cost and a big one in order and neatness. Knowing exactly what you put in inventory storage and where you put it makes a world of difference.

Keep your Manhattan storage neat at all times to avoid cluttered cardboard boxes like shown in the image
What if you need something and you have no idea where it is?

Create a plan for storage

Instead of just dumping your items into the storage unit, plan how you want to systematize items before you move in your stuff. For example, drawing a map of your Manhattan storage can be helpful. You could use it for future reference once the storage unit is full.

Use clear bins or uniform boxes to keep your Manhattan storage neat at all times

Clear plastic bins can make it much easier to keep track of what’s inside your storage unit. They are more expensive, but they are sturdy and reusable. Of course, you can use cardboard boxes also. Try to pick boxes of the same size. Uniform boxes allow you to stack them more easily, and create neat rows to keep the space looking tidy. Before hiring a Manhattan moving company to move your items to storage, think about proper packing supplies.

open carboard box
Boxes of the same size can be stacked on top of each other.

Place things you’ll need in the front

Position items you’ll need to retrieve before others near the front of your storage unit. That way they’re easily accessible and you can take them quickly without shifting everything. It saves you time and decreases disruption to the stored things.

Label all the boxes

Keep your Manhattan storage neat at all times by labeling boxes for storage. This allows you to organize your storage unit efficiently. Place the boxes in their designated place, based on the map you created. It will help you find anything you need more easily and quickly. You might think you’ll remember where you put a certain item, but trust us, you won’t. The longer your belongings remain in storage, the more you forget.

Use shelving to keep your Manhattan storage neat at all times

Custom shelves are the perfect way to keep your Manhattan storage tidy. Shelves keep the boxes aligned perfectly, and keep them off the floor. In addition, shelves remove pressure on the lower boxes compared to stacking boxes. This protects the contents within. With custom shelves, you can easily grab any box, without moving other items.


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