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Is your business expanding to Brooklyn NYC? Congratulations! Brooklyn is one of the best places for growing your business. Whether your company is moving to a new facility, or just reorganizing its operations, we know how office relocations can be stressful for the executives who are responsible for organizing them. Relocating into a new house in Brooklyn is one thing. But moving a whole workplace full of workers in Brooklyn might seem like a catastrophic storm is just around the corner. We at Divine Moving and Storage NYC are here to help you organize a Brooklyn office relocation successfully. Here are some of the most useful workplace relocation advice we’ve gathered over the course of our eighteen years as New York City’s premier moving company.

How to organize a Brooklyn office relocation; a step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Let your co-workers know you are relocating early!

If you know you’re going to have to relocate, make sure you notify everyone involved as soon as possible. Your staff, suppliers who make regular deliveries, customers who have become used to your location, the post office and anybody else who could be impacted by your move should all be informed of it. Make the announcement in an internal email, in your email signatures, on social media, through online forms, or any other way you think is appropriate for your situation. As a result, your stakeholders will have plenty of time to make necessary revisions.

Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn is by far one of the best starting points for business.

Step 2: Hire a professional moving company

If you want a smooth moving relocation, we highly suggest hiring a professional moving company. When it comes to relocating an office, the advantages of employing an expert are significant. It’s difficult to organize a Brooklyn office relocation on your own. Regardless of whether you are moving from a bigger location to a smaller one or from a smaller area to a larger one. In order to do this, you will need a great deal of precision while packing. And you also need to be cautious when handling particular equipment and electrical components. If you want to transfer your workplace, it is recommended that you use experienced movers such as Brooklyn movers to assist you. They will make the relocation process much easier for you. They have all the knowledge and experience in transferring commercial properties.

Step 3: Put together your packing strategy

It is critical for your company to be organized when it comes to packing in order to keep everyone on the same page. Preparing a timeline for when everyone must have everything packed will ensure that your organization has the least amount of downtime possible on Moving Day. Check that your personnel is aware of the goods that cannot be carried on the moving truck, such as any flammable cleaning chemicals, You will need to transfer these items via a private vehicle. Here’s what you should do to prepare for your moving day:

  1. Provide an equal number of boxes to each employee. That’s why you should buy moving boxes as soon as possible.
  2. Properly identify the exterior of the boxes before delivering them to their respective owners.
  3. Have your employees label all of your boxes.
  4. Request that your IT department creates a set of instructions that every employee may use to carefully pack up their laptops, phones, cables, and any other electronic equipment.
  5. Make certain that these instructions urge staff to remove any print cartridges from their printers before packing.
  6. Make sure everyone tapes any loose lids or drawers to the body of electronics in order to prevent them from opening and breaking during the move.
  7. Be sure all your file cabinets are locked to prevent a drawing from accidentally spilling open during the relocation.
  8. Empty the contents of horizontal filing cabinets and pack them in separate boxes
  9. Use inventory storage to store away the things you don’t need at the moment
 file cabinets
You need to be extra careful when moving your file cabinets.

Step 4: Don’t toss things away – Donate them!

Assuming that your moving company will charge you for your move on an hourly basis, you don’t want to waste valuable moving time by having them transport items that are no longer necessary to your new location. Donating stuff to charity instead of just tossing them away, on the other hand, will allow your organization to benefit from any collected clutter. It would be smart to also document this event and post it on your social media. Your clients will appreciate the fact that you are preserving the environment. And even more that you’re assisting those in need at the same time!

Where can you donate?

You know how the saying goes: “One’s trash is another one’s treasure“. Your old office supplies can replenish someone else’s space. For example, one of a nonprofit organization or a charity. Your old electronics like computers and phones can be used to train vulnerable populations about new job skills.  Some organizations will even recycle the equipment that doesn’t work. They will use all the proceeds to support their efforts with the homeless. You can choose any of these NYC non profit organizations to donate to. You’ll be sure you are doing a good thing. You can also donate some of your furniture and wall decorations to a local thrift store.

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Organize a Brooklyn office relocation successfully by contacting a moving company early on in the process.

Do you think you’re ready to organize a Brooklyn office relocation? It’s important to note one thing before you say yes. Your move may have an influence on your routine company operations. However, arranging your relocation on a Sunday will help minimize the impact on your customers. Or any other day when your company is closed. If your company is generally open seven days a week, Diving Moving may still be able to assist you with your relocation. Even though it’s beyond our regular business hours. Just give us a call ahead of time to ensure that we are available to coordinate your office move.



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