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Whether you are preparing for a local or a long-distance move, you should hire one of the moving companies NYC to assist you with your relocation. But, if you are trying to organize a last-minute office move, you should know exactly what to do in order to go through this relocation without any problem. Therefore, we have prepared a small guide on how to organize a last-minute office move!

Organize a last-minute office move – tips and tricks

Organizing a last-minute move is not easy! There are a few things that should think of immediately:

  • What Should You Do First?
  • Choose A Reliable Moving Company
  • Organize A Last-minute Office Move – Prepare Your Office To Move!
Inform your employees as soon as you can!

What should you do first?

First of all, inform your employees about the move! Schedule a meeting and talk to them openly. You can also ask them nicely to pack their own desks. Having your employees help with packing and hiring commercial movers Manhattan will speed up the relocation process. If you have a big company, you should put a few people in charge.

If you are moving your company to another city or state, you should help your employees adapt. Be a good employer and help your employees to find a place to live, and of course, cover for their traveling costs if possible. Your employees will love you!

Choose a reliable moving company

One of the best NYC moving companies, Divine Moving and Storage NYC, is certainly the one that you should choose for your upcoming commercial relocation. A professional mover has years of experience in the moving industry. They will calculate the cost of your move in advance and there won’t be any hidden costs at the end of the relocation. A professional moving company offers plenty of moving services. Some of those services are:

  • Local Move
  • Long-Distance Move
  • Full Packing Services
  • A Wide Pool Of Moving Trucks
  • Moving Insurance
  • Storage Services, etc.
Choose a reliable moving company for your upcoming office relocation.

Organize a last-minute office move – Prepare your office to move!

Preparation is the key to the successful move! Remember that! First of all, and no matter how bad this sounds, you should get rid of unnecessary office supplies and let unnecessary employees go. After that, you should create a group of people that you can trust and let them organize the relocation and create a plan.

Start with emptying drawers and cabinets and collecting small items. Pack important documents and collect the money, keep these with you all the time.

Prepare furniture for the relocation. If it’s possible, disassemble it. However, if you are not planning to take your office furniture, you can sell it and get some extra cash. Pack electronics and technology in original boxes. If you haven’t kept original boxes, good cardboard boxes will work too. Don’t forget to label each box after sealing. For packing and protecting your office furniture, you should use bubble wrapping and packing tape. You can also let your employees organize your new office after the relocation.

If you can, transport documents and papers on your own and leave the large pieces of furniture to the moving company to move.

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