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Planning and executing an office relocation takes time and patience. If you haven’t done it already you need to know that it is much more work than moving house. Start planning a year or at least a few months earlier.  Organize your staff when moving offices so your business is successful. When you are moving the office to a new Manhattan location you will need help from professionals so you can concentrate on your business. Find the best movers in Manhattan book a day for your relocation well in advance and you can start planning.

Find a location and let your employees know

The first thing to do when you are moving office is to find a location for the new office. Once you decide where you will move, make sure that you inform your staff about it. Explain to them why you need to move office. They need to get to know their new office before you start to move. If you have a bigger company with more than one office, organize a meeting where they will learn the details. Be sure to emphasize all the qualities of your new office. 

modern office space
When you are moving to an office with a different layout, ask your staff to see it before you move so they can get used to it.

Organize your staff when moving offices so they can continue with work fast and efficient so you won’t lose any time on set in. They will be less stressed about relocation so your day to day business won’t suffer too much. Commercial neighborhoods like Astoria, for example, are excellent also for small business. Before you choose your new office location, go there and see for yourself how busy it is on workdays or weekends.

See if there are more people who walk and shop or how the traffic is because this will affect your business if you are in direct connection with walk-in customers. Hire Astoria movers if you are moving there because it is always the best to hire a local moving company. They are familiar with the surroundings and they will be more efficient and faster with your office relocation.

Keep them informed

Every single part of the relocation has to be presented to your employees. They will be included and they will be motivated and excited, as you are, about moving. Organize staff meetings as often as you can and everything will go smoothly. It is important that you make a detailed plan and they have to follow it.

woman writing in a notepad
Frequent staff meetings are a good way to stay in the loop

You can entice them to participate in with their opinions and ideas about relocation. A good way to organize your staff when moving offices is also to meet them with movers. That is to familiarize them with the floor plan. Moving companies usually make a floor plan when they have commercial moving. This is especially effective when you are moving to a completely different office space.

Delegate tasks to help organize your staff when moving offices

Stress will build up eventually, especially if you want to most of the work yourself. You have to rely on your employees and give everybody something to do as a part of a relocation.

Start to plan relocation early and give everybody one or more tasks depending on their experience and position. Organize your staff when moving offices so you won’t be too stressed out. 

Remember that you have to inform your clients, partners and other important people about relocation. Also organize your staff when moving offices to finish all other smaller jobs like changing business cards, internet providers, invoice address, etc. 

Important office documents and files

Organize your staff when moving, to check every document stored in your file room and decide what you will bring to the new office. If you have some papers or receipts that you are obligated to keep for some time, you can rent a storage unit and safely pack everything in there. You can store there anything you are not using on a daily basis. Excellent opportunity to declutter and also to once again see what you have kept. 

Moving budget

Another useful step to organize your staff when moving is to set up a moving and expense budget with the help of your employees. IT or office maintenance can see if you need to change some of the equipment and include it in a budget.

This is the time to talk with your staff and see what has to be purchased, for example, new desks, phones, speakers, chairs or anything similar. If your new space has a different layout or seating plan, be sure that you provide them with everything they need. Do not forget that you need to keep them happy and motivated to continue with a good job. 

Moving long distance sometimes includes relocation packages for employees. Of course, this is a more complicated task and it will not be the same for all of your staff. Talk to your staff and let them know that you are interested in helping them as much as you can. Detailed plan with time frames will help organize your staff when moving the best way possible.

Moving checklists

people looking at different colors notes
Organize your staff when moving offices with simple to-do lists

Print a couple of different checklists for relocations like:

  1. The inventory list should include office supplies, materials, equipment, and furniture. You can make one for every workplace if it is needed.
  2. Days for transporting office equipment and furniture – this is very useful for everybody because they can organize their job and workplaces so they finish what they’re doing in time so they don’t slow down or delay relocation. 
  3. Assignment list for employees – this list should be the most detailed and comprehensive. Include time frames for every task they have to finish. This will help you and your staff to feel less stress and pressure. Not to mention that every part and job is important for the final result and that is keeping your business functioning without a glitch. 

Make these lists available to everybody. Mail them and if you have some common areas or office kitchen, you can hang them there so everybody can see it. 

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