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There are many reasons people decide to rent a storage unit. Not enough room in the house, short term storage during a move, etc. And if you already have a storage unit there is a big possibility that it is not efficiently organized. This can be a big detriment when you want to get the items from your storage fast. Imagine a wave of cold weather comes in without any indication. Then you realize that all of your winter clothes are in storage. A trip to the storage unit it is. But when you get to the storage unit, you are met with huge piles of a disorganized mess. This will make it harder for you to find your winter clothes and especially if you are cold during the moment when you are searching. Digging through all your boxes without knowing what each one contains. This is why we have compiled some tips and tricks in order to help you organize your storage unit and help you pack for storage!

Creating an inventory

This is a vital part when you want to organize your storage unit. Creating an inventory is important with every process, such as traveling, moving… So why would it be different with organizing your storage? An inventory should contain every single item that is in your storage unit. Another way to create an even more detailed inventory is if you write down the contents of each box. This way you will just take a look at your inventory, and instantly know where your boots are. Other than winter and summer clothes, you can put the tools that are too big for your garage inside your storage, and traveling equipment such as tents and sleeping bags as well. Another type of item you may consider putting in your storage NYC unit are the important documents that you do not frequently use.

Organize your storage unit by creating an inventory!
Creating an inventory is the first step when you want to organize your storage unit!

Getting proper boxes and labeling them correctly

Getting proper boxes is another big deal when it comes to organizing your storage unit. This is when stacking knowledge comes in handy. Many movers use these stacking techniques when you employ packing services NYC because they know that using different sized boxes is the best way to be most space efficient as possible. And space efficiency is very important when organizing your storage unit. Have you ever played a game called “Tetris”? If you have, you can use that knowledge to your advantage! This is because stacking boxes inside your storage unit is quite similar to stacking blocks inside the game. You need to fill every gap or you will have a low score. In real life, there is no score, but there are empty spaces that can be used. If you fit smaller boxes inside these spaces you are well on your way of organizing your storage unit.

Labeling the boxes

label the boxes
Make sure to label the boxes to know the contents of each one!

Another good way of organizing boxes is labeling them correctly. This pairs up well with the idea of creating an inventory with the contents of every box. How are you supposed to know which box is which? Well, if you put labels on each box, and set a corresponding label in your inventory, you will find the item you need easily without wasting much time. There have been many discussions on how to label the boxes properly, but we will stick to the one with the colored stickers. You should take, for example, a red colored sticker, and put it on every box containing your winter clothes. Then, take another color and put it on every box containing your power tools. Also, do not forget to use cheap packing supplies when packing your tools. They can prevent any damage from being done to them! Easy as one, two, three!

Making a good layout of your storage unit

This is all about accessibility. You do not want to create a maze and have a hard time finding what you need. This is why one of the best ways to create a good layout is to put the bulkier items on one side, and all of the boxes on another. Bulkier items include furniture that you may want to disassemble before storing it. This way you will make more room for other things. By doing this, you will create a middle aisle and access all your stuff from there. If you cannot make enough space to create an aisle, then you should put the things that are the easiest to move in the middle.

You can also create a map of the layout to have an easier time finding your stuff. This is also where the labeling of boxes comes in handy. Make a map of your layout and put colored stickers on the map corresponding to the place where your items are. Another way you can do this is by writing numbers on your boxes. Write these same numbers on the map to avoid digging through the boxes blindly.

Using shelves

This is a great option if you can get affordable shelves. This way you can make the organization process even easier by putting one type of item on the same level of shelving. This provides quicker access as well, without having to move boxes in order to get to the ones on the bottom. If you cannot afford shelves, then you should know the best ways of stacking boxes. We have already discussed different sized boxes and the “Tetris” method, but there is another thing to know here.

using shelves for organization
Using shelves is a great way of organizing your boxes!

You need to put the heaviest items on the bottom, and then stack the lighter ones on top of them. Even though this sounds like common sense, it is not rare that people forget about it. You should also put the items you use the least deep inside the storage unit, and the ones you use frequently, somewhere near the entrance. A great way of organizing your storage unit!

Organize your storage unit easily with these tips! We hope that this article was helpful and good luck with your organization process!

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