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Most of us will use a storage unit at least once in our lifetimes. Be it for handling a difficult relocation or for decluttering a house, a storage unit can be a great tool to use. But, in order to use it properly, you have to think of it just as that. A tool. A storage unit is not a magical place where you can carelessly put away your possessions and expect that they will magically remain intact. In order to make the most out of a storage unit you first need to know how to pack for storage. And Divine Moving and Storage NYC are here to help you out.

Why is it important to properly pack for storage?

Anyone who has used storage will before will know the answer to this question. But, for those who haven’t, we feel that we should mention why is proper packing so important for storage.

Why you need to pack for storage carefully.
If you do not pack for storage carefully, you can hardly expect your items to remain in pristine condition.

When it comes to the safety of your possessions, packing is the first and the last line of defense. It will decide whether your items will remain intact or if they will deteriorate through time. Sure, you may get away with improper packing if you store your possessions for a day or two in a good storage unit. But, if your possessions remain stored for a longer period, they will get damaged and eventually destroy, if you do not pack them properly.

Transport safety

And even if, theoretically, your possession can survive bad packing, there is no guarantee that they will survive transportation. In order to put your possessions into storage, they have to be transported. And, if you do not pack them correctly, you can hardly expect them to remain intact. Most moving mishaps happen due to improper packing, and it is in your best interest to avoid them. So, do yourself and the people helping you a huge favor and learn how to pack for storage.

DIY vs hiring professionals

Since packing is so important, you might be thinking about hiring packing services NYC to deal with it for you. Now, this can be a really good idea. Especially if you have fragile and/or heavy items and you don’t know how to prepare them for storage. There are specific online guides on how to pack everything. From aquariums to pianos and fine art. But, if you don’t want to hassle with it or if you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t shy away from hiring professionals to help you.

How to pack for storage

The one thing that you have to keep in mind when packing is that every step needs to be done correctly. If you skip or do a certain step of it badly, you will be putting your items in danger. Therefore, you need to carefully read the following steps and make sure that you follow them through.

Getting materials

For some packing jobs, you can get any old cardboard boxes. Used boxes from your local warehouses and stores are more than enough to handle a local move, as long as they are in good condition. But, this may not be that case when you pack for storage. When you pack for storage you need to use the best boxes you can find. So, you better forget about using some old, used up free moving boxes and buy some new ones. Visit your local moving company or a DIY store and get some solid, sturdy moving boxes NYC so that you can pack your possessions safely.

Box that is in bad shape
You should never use boxes that are in poor condition to pack for storage.

Item list

But, how many boxes are you going to need? Good question. In order to answer it, you better make a list of all the possessions you want to put into storage. That way you will have a clear idea on what needs to get packed and what packing supplies you need to get. Only then will you be able to pack for storage properly. Also, try to get a bit more packing supplies that you estimate that you’ll need. Packing mistakes do happen, and you should make a room for yourself to correct one or two.

Packing procedure

Once you have figured out which items you would like to pack and you have the necessary packing supplies, it is time to start packing. Start off by sorting your possessions into groups. The best way to do so is to have a group that is easy to pack and manage and a second one which is more difficult. In the first one, you should put all the items that are durable and light. Items that don’t require any padding or wrapping and can be handled by anyone. Here you can put clothes, blankets, books… Anything that won’t suffer much if dropped or mishandled.

Packing ceramic tea pots
You need to be extra careful when you pack ceramic items for storage.

In the other group, you need to put anything that is heavy and/or fragile. These items usually need to have certain padding or wrapping places around them in order to survive storage. Here you will put items made out of glass, porcelain, ceramic and anything other that can easily get broken. You need to treat these items carefully and pay attention that you pack them in properly sized boxes. You should only put a single such item into a box and make sure to wrap it.


After you’ve put your possessions in boxes there are some final things that you must remember to do. You first need to tape up your boxes. If you plan on reopening your boxes throughout storage, you should look into using plastic bins. They are much more suited for repeated use. But, if you use cardboard, make sure to tape them up so that there is no chance of them ripping open. Then you need to label your boxes so that anyone handling them knows what is inside. Use markers that are easily visible and write if anything inside the box is fragile and/or heavy.

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