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One of the trickiest parts of organizing a move is actually packing all of your belongings properly. There are so many different types of items in each of our modern households that creating a guide that would fit each of them is practically impossible. Every type of item requires special attention and you have no choice but to give it to them. Even hiring a reliable moving company such as Divine Moving and Storage NYC is not going to be enough if you do not pack your belongings in the best possible way. That is why we have prepared for you a guide on how to pack a chandelier for relocation. As it is one of the more sensitive items, it is clear that it requires a little bit of special touch.

The first thing to do to pack a chandelier for relocation is to remove it

First things first – do not forget to cut off the electricity to the chandelier’s room! Go to the main fuse box and cut it off as you can get fatally injured otherwise. Once you do do that, take the ladder and carefully disconnect the light fixture from the electric network. If you know how to do it, that is. If you are not sure, ask someone to help you with that. Also, it would be great if you had someone to be there with you. They should help you by supporting the chandelier. They can get really heavy and they could rip out wires in the ceiling. The next step is to unhook it and remove the wires gently. Then, have one of you hold it, while the other one gets ready to take the chandelier and place it gently on the ground.

crystal chandelier turned on
Sensitive things such as chandeliers require patience

The disassembling part is next

Take all the wires and cables and bundle them together. Using twist ties (you can also use rubber bands) to keep them all together. Then you should remove all the lights bulbs, carefully and slowly, one by one. It would be ideal if you still had their original boxes. If not, then bubble wrap is the answer. With a screwdriver, you can then take down all the detachable parts. So, things from arms to chains and ornaments should all be taken care of. Each of them you can also then wrap into the packing paper or the bubble wrap, depending on their sensitivity. The small, fastening items such as screws, hooks, etc, put into a plastic zip bag.

to pack a chandelier for relocation you must patient
You must be careful when cutting off the power!

Packing is the last step

Find a strong box that can fit the chandelier. Take some really strong tape and reinforce the bottom of the box. You must make sure that the box is capable of holding the incoming weight. The box should generally be larger than the chandelier instead of being the perfect fit. This would enable you to put more protective materials in the box such as blankets on the bottom and the ends of the box. If you are not sure how to pack it properly, perhaps you should consider simply paying for packing services NYC movers offer. Then you would not have to think about this and could instead focus on other important things.

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