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There has been a need for long-term food preservation packing since the dawn of mankind. The insurance that you have good food during the winter can be one of the best feelings ever. You do not need to worry about having a fresh bite when the crops just cannot grow because of the freezing cold. There have also been many ways of preserving food throughout the ages. Today, we have mastered the art of food preservation and we can have food that will be good for another couple of years after it is packed.

However, if you want to put food into a storage unit, you may run into some problems. Storage facilities usually do not allow putting food inside storage units because it can attract pests and vermin. Furthermore, some storage facilities actually do allow stuff like this but only if it is well preserved. These storage facilities also offer climate-controlled storage Manhattan and that is a great way to preserve your food inside a storage unit. If the unit is not climate-controlled, then the pests that come in to eat it can destroy not only your food but also other items in your storage unit. This can also spread throughout the whole facility and that is one of the reasons facility owners do not allow food inside the units.

pack food for long-term preservation by canning it
Canning food is the best preservation method

To counteract that, we have prepared an article for you. How to pack food for long-term storage unit preservation. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Packing food for long-term preservation – how to?

One of the best ways to store food for long-term preservation is to buy canned food. If you check the package it will say that the expiration date is a couple of years ahead. Canned food was invented during the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte in order to supply his marching armies. And as it is usual with useful military technology, it has reached the level of a commodity. So, if you want to be the most efficient and preserve food with the least effort, buy canned food! However, you still may need moving boxes to put the food in and get it to the storage unit. If you are wondering where to buy moving boxes NYC, check some moving companies who will deliver the items to your unit, or your local hardware store. Your call.

pickles in a jar
Pickling is a great way of preserving food

Besides buying already preserved food, there is a way to do it yourself, albeit not that long-term. It will last for one winter at least, and it is called pickling. This is when you take fresh vegetables and even fruit and put it inside an edible, antimicrobial liquid. This liquid usually consists of brine, vinegar, salt, and other materials. These materials are great at killing bacteria that would usually ruin your food. So, think about that option when you want to pack food for long-term preservation!

With all that said, good luck with preserving your food!

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