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Living in the house and have the ideal outdoor furniture? Planning to move and don’t know what to do with mentioned items? For sure you will want to take your outdoor furniture with you. Although transportation can be risky, if you pack and move it properly, you will use it for a long time. Before you start overthinking about steps to take to pack and move your outdoor furniture, our Divine Moving and Storage NYC will give you a piece of advice. Remember, moving and packing your outdoor furniture is not complicated as long as you stick to few simple rules. For that reason, stay with us and consider tips that will help you keep your furniture safe and undamaged. With us by your side, you will pack your outdoor furniture for storage on short notice!

Decide whether you need to move all your outdoor furniture to your new home

Moving your outdoor furniture will require planning, time, energy, and supplies to protect and pack every single piece. So, take enough time to create a strategy, make a list of supplies you need, get moving boxes Manhattan, etc. However, it is not the same if you need to pack your outdoor furniture pieces for storage or just moving to your new residence. That is why you should check will you have enough space for your outdoor furniture in your new home.

sofa in the backyard - prepare to pack your outdoor furniture for storage
Let us help you plan how to pack your outdoor furniture for storage.

In case you intend to use it after the move, determine will you move all of your outdoor furniture or just some of them. Consider the condition of your outdoor furniture pieces, monetary and sentimental value, practicality, and similar aspects. On the other hand, some of your furniture will directly be transported to our storage facility Manhattan. So, let’s see what steps you should take before you transport your outdoor furniture to storage. With our help, your

Simple steps to pack your outdoor furniture for storage

Before you start creating your packing supplies list and contact us to appoint your moving date, make sure to do these steps:

  • inspect your outdoor furniture pieces. This way you will find out what packing supplies you should get;
  • dust and clean your furniture before packing;
  • disassemble some of your outdoor furniture.

The next step you should take is gathering the right packing supplies. So, go to your local hardware store or purchase needed supplies on Amazon. Pay attention to gentle surfaces on your outdoor furniture and make sure to get supplies that will enable you to protect every piece of your outdoor furniture.

Lovely garden furniture
Make sure to prepare all that it takes to pack your valuable outdoor furniture.

Check to see is there enough packing paper, bubble wrap, and moving blankets for extra protection. Now when you have all that it takes, packing can start! Take special care about sharp edges and heavy furniture pieces you plan to carry to the moving truck. Since some of your outdoor furniture is supposed to be in storage for a long period, make sure to protect it from dust, mold, and moisture. Wish you to pack your outdoor furniture for storage quickly and efficiently!


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