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Using a storage unit can bring many perks. Whether you are relocating home or simply looking for more space, it is a good decision for sure. But the question is – how to pick a safe storage unit in Manhattan? There are several ways to look for a unit and a few requirements you must meet. Or better to say, your unit must have certain perks for you to rent it in the first place. Therefore, let us browse through movers NYC and storage units providers and together we will find a unit worthy of your time. Let’s go.

Are you moving or just using a storage unit?

In case you are moving, then the whole packing and searching for a storage unit becomes a bit harder. Simply because you will have so many moving-related tasks to complete before you can search for the storage unit. Luckily, a good Manhattan moving company will provide storage services as well, hence, you must find one. So, as soon as you decide on moving, start shuffling g through your items and make an inventory list. Note down all the furniture and other belongings and separate them into two piles. One that will go to your storage unit and the other to your new home. Also, while doing this, inspect the environment as well so you can know how hard your move is.

mover creating an inventory list can help you pick a safe storage unit in Manhattan
If you are relocating, you should search for a reliable moving company on time.

All the information you gather should go on your moving checklist. You will use it as a guide along the way. It will help you not to forget moving steps and stay on track with costs, errands, chores, responsibilities, and more. Besides, your movers will need the mandatory info so they can provide a precise moving quote and assemble a safe moving plan.

How to pick a safe storage unit in Manhattan?

To pick a safe storage unit in Manhattan you must begin your search on the internet. Luckily, it is a lucrative and easy way to navigate yourself through the content. But to choose a good unit provider, you must obtain the necessary knowledge on the subject. Therefore, sit down, relax, focus, and start browsing. Soon enough you’ll find a good storage facility Manhattan but before you make any decisions, you must inspect the offer.

You want to be sure that your unit provider is legit with all licenses and permits to work. Then, you need to know if they are following all the safety rules and regulations. Your storage facility must operate according to state laws. To be sure that you made the right choice, check FMCSA and read all about storage warehouses and how they operate. Obtain valuable knowledge about the moving industry in general as well and use it wisely in weeks to come.

What to look out for?

Before you pick a safe storage unit in Manhattan, you must know what is available. There are different sizes and special services available so you must review the offer before renting one. Check the most used storage units:

  • Medium-sized storage unit.
  • Climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Indoor storage units.
  • High-security storage facilities.
outdoor storage units
Choose between outdoor and indoor storage units. Both choices are viable and safe.

Now, you must know a bit more about the size of the unit and the security aspect of it. There are smaller units that can fit only a few pieces of furniture and a couple of boxes. Medium-sized ones are there for everyone because you can fit the entire apartment. And large units are there to store the entire family home along with your car. As for the safety of it all, there are facilities with 24/7 access, a guard on site, and complete surveillance and alarm systems. So, it is up to you what you’ll choose in the end. But you must know that your items will be safe as they can be if you choose the right option. And of course, all additional perks come with a price. So prepare your budget adequately.

How to pack for storage?

Now when you know what is out there, it is time to pack your belongings for storage. You should pack according to the size of the unit you have rented. And obviously, you will need proper packing materials to do it right. Note that you must purchase cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Those are the mandatory packing supplies and you can obtain them easily. Search online, visit the local hardware store, or purchase from your moving company. All highly-rated moving companies offer packing services NYC so you can obtain everything from them. Or you can even let them pack everything and relocate instead of you. Your choice entirely. But if you decide to do it yourself, those four we mentioned are the only materials you need.

cardboard boxes on the floor
As long as you are using higher-quality cardboard boxes, you shouldn’t worry about a thing.

Once you have your materials, take a cardboard box, place cushion inside, put your items in, and once it is full, close it and apply packing tape. Apply labels as well with a detailed description of the items inside. Especially for the fragile content. This way whoever is handling those boxes will know and take special care. Place your boxes inside the unit and cover everything with a sheet or tarp to protect it against dust.

Pick a safe storage unit in Manhattan and utilize the space given

It is important to use all your space wisely. If you choose a medium-sized unit and you decide on filling it to the rafters, it won’t be good. You won’t be able to navigate yourself through the unit, let alone grab any of the items when you need them. Therefore, evaluate the size of your cargo and rent an appropriately sized unit. Leave enough room to move around and use shelving systems for your boxes. Keep it clean, easily accessible, and efficient.

Now you are ready to pick a safe storage unit in Manhattan. More importantly, you know how to find a good one. Pay attention to the storage unit provider and ensure they are legit. Also, you must follow all the rules and regulations to avoid any unpleasantries. Good luck and may your unit serves you well for years to come.


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