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Amongst the biggest fears of people in NYC is the fear of eviction. There are many things you can do wrong in order to have this happen. However, there are also many things you can do to prevent getting evicted in NYC. We are going to talk about things you need to keep in mind when being a tenant in NYC in order to avoid any unpleasantries. Being evicted is a terrible thing that can happen to you since you are not amongst the fortunate ones that own their own place. On the other hand, sometimes it is better to rent than to buy a place in NYC! Still, if you are renting, you need to be careful and not make mistakes.

Fortunately, the mistakes that could get you evicted are easy to avoid. There are simple rules, and all you have to do is make sure to follow them. Basically, in order to prevent being evicted means following the rules you already agreed on before moving in. How do you know what these rules are? Your landlord sets them when you reach the initial agreement, and they are hopefully very transparent. Your landlord will have the right to evict you in case of a violation. These rules can vary greatly, from one landlord to the other, but some are almost always universal. We are going to discuss the ones that are a certainty. Don’t break them and you are almost 100% safe. 

a pair of house keys in hand prevent getting evicted in NYC
Your landlord trusts you with their home. Make sure to honor this.

Honor the contract with your landlord to prevent getting evicted in NYC

This is not just for NYC, it works for basically any city in the world. Once you pick your place, and once the best movers NYC took care of your relocation, you can start your life in your new apartment! On the first day of your moving in you should agree on the rules with your landlord. These rules usually take the shape of a contract that you both sign.

The purpose of the contract is to protect both parties, the tenant as well as the landlord. There are numerous possibilities in regards to what rules exist, but some are almost always universal. We will discuss the universal ones, and once you realize what they are you will know that those are the rules you expected anyway. Honoring your deal with the landlord will almost always make sure that you prevent getting evicted in NYC.

Pay your rent in order to prevent getting evicted in NYC

The first and most fundamental one is the fact that you need to pay your rent in order to prevent getting evicted in NYC. This is universal to any type of an agreement between a tenant and a landlord. But this is something you should expect. The basis of your agreement is that you are purchasing a service – renting an apartment. As soon as you stop paying for the apartment that you are using your landlord will most likely evict you, and there is no discussion here. There are no loopholes or any type of debate on this one. You pay the rent – you get to stay.

If you do get evicted, in spite of paying your rent timely, you have the right to hire a lawyer!

You can’t have pets if there is a ‘no pet’ policy

Another way to ensure you get evicted is if you smuggle pets into a ‘no pet’ apartment. Some bad landlords have very strict policies that prohibit owning any pet, and this is well within their rights. If your contract prohibits you to own pets don’t risk it! If you honor this rule you are going to prevent getting evicted in NYC. However, if there is a rule in power that prevents you from having pets, and you do it anyway, you are most likely eligible for eviction. And this is well within the rights of your landlord. As with the previous section, there is no debate about it if you agreed on it from the beginning.

don't own a cat in order to prevent getting evicted in NYC
If no pets are allowed there is no discussion around it!

If you were allowed to have pets, and then half-way through your tenancy your landlord prohibits it – it is open for debate and discussion since it wasn’t the part of the initial agreement.

Damaging the household

As a tenant, you are responsible to maintain the apartment. This means that you can’t wreck it in any way and you should try to keep it safe. Once you move out, for whatever reason, you should return the apartment to the landlord in the same shape as you found it. If you damage it in any way, and your landlord learns about it – he or she might decide that they do not want to risk their real estate with you. So, be careful not to destroy someone else’s property. Also, try not to hoard too many things as it may put the place at risk as well. If you have too many things you can always look at our storage space Manhattan for a solution.

Causing problems with the neighborhood

If you insist on having constant parties and getting in trouble with the neighborhood – you might risk being evicted. Also, if you are often visited by the police for noise or other reasons, your landlord might deem you a hazard and make sure to evict you from his or her apartment.

don't attract the police in order to prevent getting evicted in NYC
If you are causing the men in blue to show up – you are in trouble!

Nobody wants a trouble-maker, and you should be respectful to those around you as much as you can. Don’t cause riots or problems, don’t cause too much noise and be kind to those around you. This will guarantee that you prevent getting evicted in NYC!

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