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If you are living in a small Manhattan apartment, room management and innovation are crucial.  Small apartments mean lack of storage and finding an apartment in Manhattan that has enough space for all your staff and that can provide you with comfort can be very difficult. It is not easy to stay organized and finding room for your possessions can very challenging. So, you must be wondering where to store your cherished items. We at Divine Moving and Storage NYC have great tips and tricks for you to tide up your small space and make the most of your storage space options.

Cozy room with armchair and cabinet
You can keep all your possessions in a small apartment with just a few tricks.

Storage facility -traditional solution if you are living in a small Manhattan apartment

The storage facility is the traditional solution for all people living in small apartments. If you have cherished belongings or extra furniture, but not enough space in your small Manhattan apartment, then long term storage is the perfect solution for you.  If you decide to use a storage space to keep your beloving items, the moving company you hire will take care of everything. The movers handle everything and they are responsible for disposing of your belongings in the warehouse you have chosen. Even though a storage facility is a great option for storing items in a long term, it has one disadvantage. Once you place your items in a storage facility, you won’t be able to access them anytime you want. If you want to see your belongings, you will have to contact the company you hired and schedule a time to open your storage unit. Be that as it may, a storage facility is an excellent solution for storing unused items.

Use furniture that can collapse

Since small apartments have space limitations, they do not accommodate large, bulky furniture. Items such as chairs and tables can easily cause clutter in small apartments. Therefore, small apartment dwellers should use furniture that can collapse. This way, when you don’t use some of your possessions, you can store them discreetly in a corner. Some of the collapsible items that you can use in your small apartment in Manhattan include tables, chairs, and footstools. If you want to keep some of your bulky furniture, you can always find furniture storage NYC.  Your cherished bulky items will be safe there until you move to a bigger apartment.

A living room in a small apartment
Store things vertically in a small apartment, and make more space.

Store opposed to horizontally

One of the biggest mistakes that all small apartment tenants make is storing items horizontally. When it comes to organizing your possession, many people tend to place everything at the ground level. Although this way of organizing stuff might work in big apartments, in small apartments it just creates clutter. So, what should you do if you are living in a small Manhattan apartment? You should think vertically, which means opposed to horizontally! The main point is to use less space on the ground and to store your items the higher you can. The less space you use on the ground, the less clutter you will have in the apartment, so it will be easier to move around. There are several items you can use to facilitate vertical storage. These include hooks, shelves, and wall-mounted storage compartments. These practical items can hold everything from books to bathroom accessories and much more.

Get storage cubbies

Finding storage space while living in a small Manhattan apartment is hard, but finding storage space to keep things organized in a small apartment is harder. Luckily, there is a storage entity that will provide space in your small apartment and will keep things organized – that’s the cubby. Storage cubbies are similar to shelves with one significant distinction. They have dividers that you can use to keep things in order. Storage cubbies can be very useful when storing items such as clothing, bedsheets, towels, and the like. Also, they can accommodate all small items. If you want to make easier access to the items in your storage cubbies, you should use boxes or bins. This way, when you need a specific item, you can simply remove the box and search for the item.

A bedroom
If you are living in a small Manhattan apartment, you keep some items under the bed and make storing space.

Store items under the bed

Nowadays, a trend you will see in many apartments is to place a mattress directly on the floor without the use of the bed frame. This trend won’t affect the quality or function of your mattress, but it will cost you valuable storage space. However, if you simply put your mattress onto a bed frame, you will open a bed-sized storage area. You can use this storage area to place the big and small items, as well as the possessions you do not get a lot of use from. Driven by this idea, you can also find great pieces of furniture that have hidden storage space. These include ottomans and coffee tables. These pieces of furniture can be very modern and fancy and still provide you with extra room to keep your things tucked away.

Put these small apartment storage ideas to good use

If you are living in a small Manhattan apartment and want to free up as much space as possible, these great apartment storage ideas will be very helpful. Put them to good use and your apartment will get a fresh new look. Hire Manhattan movers to move your bulky furniture to the storage unit, get some collapsible items and storage cubbies and think vertically. Your small Manhattan apartment will soon get a new identity.


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