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Being a student is often described as one of the most fun and interesting part of life. When you are a college student, you are in the right age to be independent but still without obligations. It is time to have fun and to discover your path in life. Additionally, when your college life includes studying in Manhattan, it gets much better. Manhattan for students is a great place to start your academic life. It is a home of the esteemed New York University and Columbia University and many good libraries and research centers. For this reason, it is not a wonder why Manhattan is very equally popular among US students as well as international students. Before you move to Manhattan, you should find the right accommodation for you. As for moving services, there is Divine Moving and Storage NYC that take away the stress from New York moving. 

Manhattan for students so they can attend Columbia University
Columbia University is located in Manhattan

Manhattan for students accommodation 

Ideal student day would be waking up with a good coffee, going to classes, and experience the nightlife that Manhattan can offer. But before that dream comes true, you need to make some decisions first. First and most important is the place to live. As Manhattan represents a popular place for students, there will be many student housing available. But also, as Manhattan is a popular location and has high real estate value, it means that accommodation can go pretty quicklyThere are few possibilities for you such as a room or a dorm or a college housing. Before making a choice, look for different options. Manhattan moving can be arranged so find your housing solution as soon as possible. 

Different types of accommodation for you 

When choosing a place for you, you should think about a few things first. In Manhattan, you can find an apartment, a dorm, or a college housing option. It all depends on your budget, location, and your personal preference. Everyone has their own desire when it comes to housing. But, they need to be in accordance with the financial situation. When you are on a budget, living in a dorm or room is a good solution for you. If you choose a room, you should look for one close to campus. You wouldn’t want to lose a lot of time in commute when you can use that time for studying or being with your friends When moving to Manhattan from the suburbs, you will already spend enough time in care while going home for holidays.

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You can ask your friends to rent a place together

Manhattan for students – Living on campus  

If you want real student life, you should choose to live on campus. The best way to meet people from all backgrounds with different ideas and interests is to live on campus. The campus offers different types of accommodation such as the following. 

  • Traditional residence – Commonly referred to as dorms, it is made of same-sex double occupancy bedrooms with shared communal bathrooms down the hall. It is good for freshmen and sophomores, where they can meet good friends. 
  • Suites – there is more privacy than in the dorm, as you will share a room with one roommate and a bathroom with another room of two. 
  • Apartments or college housing – it is a great option for students who want to move out of the dorm but want to keep the benefits from campus housing. 

As you can see, these would be all the housing options in Manhattan for students. Choose yours well.

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