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Helping you jumpstart your student life by taking care of transporting and storing your belongings.

Don‘t Get Left Behind: Students Moving Out of NYC Dorms This Summer? Get the Lowdown on Manhattan Summer Moving & Storage!”

The older you are, the more stressful a relocation can get. Why is this? Most people will say because the list of belongings piles up, which causes unwanted complications. Others would testify that it has to do with the overall amount of obligations in life. Some would even say that it’s because people grow tired of having to pack and unpack everything they own. However, this is rarely the case with student relocations. And it’s a completely different story. In fact, here, we have all the carelessness in the world. College is here and all it takes is to pack your room (or dorm room if you’re past freshmen status) and hire a team of expert student movers NYCDivine Moving and Storage.

Ditch the dumbbells; we’ve got textbooks to move! If you’ve ever used your chemistry book for a bicep curl, show us your moves! Use the hashtag #BooksOrWeights to challenge your friends for a chance to win a discounted move-in service.

Don’t worry – you’re not being recruited into a religious fraction. We are your new friends that are here to help you relocate without any worries. While you focus on your studies and college life, you can leave everything else in the capable hands of our student movers NYC.

Streets of New York - the playground for our student movers NYC.
Our student movers NYC know the streets of the Big Apple well.

We have over a decade of experience in the moving industry, providing moving services NYC to hundreds of students over the years. Our moving crews have all the necessary knowledge. Our moving company can handle all your relocation needs. We specialize in listening to your needs and having your back while relocating, wherever the road of education takes you. And so far, we haven’t encountered expectations and needs we could not meet.

Why hire our student movers NYC

We know our way around dorms and apartment buildings. Of course, having your family members and best friends help in the process is always a plus. However, with moving, mistakes tend to happen more often than not. So, unless you are looking for unexpected expenses and damages, why not let the pros handle it for you. Our student movers NYC guarantee the safety and absolute protection of your belongings, no matter the circumstances. All we need is a list of belongings and we can take care of the rest.

Group of students, discussing relocation.
We know students and we know moving – what else could one need?

Don‘t Stress Out: Student Manhattan Makes Moving to NYC Easy with Summer Storage Solutions!”

On-campus or off-campus housingit makes no difference for our residential movers NYC. We’ve seen it all, packed even more and moved everything there is. So, we know all the shortcuts, tips and tricks to ensure a record-breaking moving experience. We devote all our expertise and abilities towards the safe relocation of all your belongings, no matter how big or small they are. Our student movers NYC will get your things in or out without being obtrusive.

Professional last minute movers

Don’t have the time to go shopping or searching for packing supplies – you can rely on us. When we come to move, we do so in style, with all the necessary equipment. This means that we will bring with us all the packing materials while you can sit back and enjoy the demonstration of skill. And since we bring the boxes, you might as well add packing services NYC to your list of needs. Our team of student moving professionals will be more than glad to oblige.

Personal storage solutions

Summertime is always exciting in the life of a student. Most take this time to travel, visit their families, or explore exciting new places across the nation or even the world. And while you travel, why would you drag all your belongings with you? Why indeed, when Divine Moving and Storage offers reliable and affordable storage services NYC. We will keep your belongings safe while you enjoy the summer.

Junk removal services

At a certain point in time, we are all faced with that eternal struggle with the clutter. And this is when you have to put your foot down and say: “Time to clean house”. But once you do go through all that inventory you have and set out a pile of things you no longer use or need, then what? It’s not like you can just leave them in the corner of the room or in the hallway. No.

Ever wondered how many boxes or roommates you can fit into one elevator? Share your most hilarious or claustrophobic elevator-stuffing story using #StuckInAnElevator to score a discount on your next move!

Instead, our student movers NYC are here to come to your aid, yet again. We offer you the opportunity to have us get rid of all that junk you no longer have need for. Looking for an effective, labor-free way to get rid of old furniture? We can help. Do you have old appliances or IT equipment that no longer work – just give us a call and it’ll be gone before you know it. Happen to have non-perishable food items that you just can’t take with you? We partner with Move For Hunger. Whatever you have gathered, we will collect and donate it to a local food bank.

Move On Up! Student Life in Manhattan Just Got Easier with Summer Moving and Storage in NYC

We’ve all been through packing, for one reason or another. Getting ready for a vacation is one thing, but when it comes to packing your whole life into several boxes, it tends to get just a bit trickier. That kind of pressure can get the best of us, sometimes. In order to avoid possible temper tantrums when realizing you forgot something really important back home, you would have to master your moving and packing techniques! Here are some beginner tips you might find useful:

People laughing in the library.
We offer the best moving and storage solutions in New York.
  • Check for any possible damage when you get into your new home and report it upon your arrival.
  • Avoid moving in on weekends, everyone else will be.
  • Use your discounts options – our student movers NYC accept them.
  • Utilities – don’t forget this one, you wouldn’t want to spend your first days without internet.
  • Check for AC – if there isn’t one, you might want to consider bringing a fan or a heater
  • Check if your furniture can fit into your new room before loading it!
  • Bring first aid/medicine – from possible allergies to needing a thermometer – pack all the essentials
  • Pack your documents! Credit and debit cards, enrollment documents, driver’s license, passport, I.D., health insurance – leave nothing behind.

Our student movers NYC have your back always

We know what being a student is like. With student loans and budget restraints, hiring a professional moving company might feel like a luxury. However, with our student movers NYC, you’re sure to get the best quotes for a caring team of professionals with a pristine reputation. Ask around, at least one of your friends has had the pleasure of working with us. And the pleasure was mutual! Divine moving and storage is looking forward to hearing from you!

College Students in NYC: Get the StressFree Moving and Storage Solution for Your NYC Dorm This Summer!”

Who said moving to a dorm is all sweat and no fun? Snap your funniest moving fail or a successful dive into a sea of packing peanuts. Post it with #MovingSchmooving and the funniest post will win a special moving discount!

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