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Choosing the right place to live can be very difficult – especially if you are on a tight budget. Divine Moving and Storage NYC have prepared some tips for you on how to find the most affordable locations in NYC in 2022. We know that this can be a very tedious process – fear not, we are here to help you and to settle you nicely in your new home. Keep reading to find out more about the secrets which the Big Apple holds. 

Before we start with the most affordable locations in NYC in 2022

Before we get into detailed locations and affordable locations in NYC, it is important for you to calculate the exact budget that you have. Try to account for the following things when making a budget plan:

  • rent and utilities
  • average groceries prices per month
  • the average cost of commute per month
  • expanses that you had regularly over the last 6 months
  • a 10% extra just in case you made a mistake when calculating things above
City lights at a busy crossroads
Plan your budget carefully when moving to NYC

Just to give you a picture of what’s out here in NYC, here are some statistics about the average cost of living in NYC. The average rent on a city level is around $5000 per month. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant is around 25$ per person. To obtain a monthly pass for a bus you will have to spend $130. Utilities (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) are around 150$ per month and the stable internet connection is 60$ monthly.

Long Island – Great place for families and people who are looking for peaceful areas in NYC

Roosevelt, Long Island

The name was given in honor of a former president, Theodore Roosevelt but it was known as Rum Point before that. It is a picturesque neighborhood mostly designed for families. It offers some nice schools and education options. Long Island movers recommend you to check out this place. Moreover, Roosevelt is more economical in comparison to other Long Island cheap housing options and that puts it to our list of the most affordable locations in NYC in 2022. A studio apartment typically costs around $1400 per month to rent, as opposed to the $1,450 metro area average. A one-bedroom apartment in Roosevelt, on the other hand, runs an average of $1,700 per month. A two-bedroom apartment, in contrast, rises to an average of a little over $2,100 a month.

Massapequa, Long Island

Another great place for families to enjoy on Long island is Massapequa. Local movers NYC say that there are six elementary schools, one middle school, and three high schools in this place – offering a lot of options when it comes to education. There are numerous parks and green areas where you can enjoy nature and escape from the crowdedness of a city. Over the past year, the average rent price has somewhat decreased. Currently, a 1,000-square-foot apartment costs an average of $2,566 a month to rent.

Queens – a location for all to enjoy in NYC

Ridgewood, Queens

There is a place in Queens called Ridgewood which is perfect for literally everyone. Singles, young professionals, elderly people, and families, all can find their own piece of heaven in this area. The reason is mostly the fact that it offers a good commute to Manhattan which makes it a good place for business people. There are many restaurants and shopping districts in this area so young people are attracted to it as well. Besides those, homes are beautiful so many elderly people decide to spend their retirement days here as well. The rent is around $1300 which makes it rather cheaper than nearby districts. Definitely worth checking out, be sure to look into it.

A fancy restaurant in one of the most affordable locations in NYC
Restaurants are really fancy and worth your time here

Astoria, Queens

If you are looking for an area that has a magnificent view of the East River and the RFK Bridge, Queens movers advise you to look into Astoria, Queens. The place is just magical – there are over dozens of parks and open spaces. This is just the right place for people who are into fitness and a healthy lifestyle as well. Many families choose Astoria to be their next home and we feel that you should check this option out as well. The median rent is around $1300 per month but we think that’s a great deal when it comes to the quality-price ratio. You basically get a quiet, peaceful place in NYC for a reasonable price. Astoria definitely deserves a place on our most affordable locations in NYC in 2022 to live list.


Bath Beach, Brooklyn

If you are looking for a diverse community with many opportunities for all to enjoy, we feel that Bath Beach is a perfect fit for you. It has breathtaking scenery of Lower Bay and it is a really great place for nature lovers. It offers many parks and housing options as well – it seems that the average rent has dropped just below $1200 per month and that puts it in our text about the most affordable neighborhoods in NYC in 2022. We are sure that a family-friendly area in Brooklyn is a good choice for all families who decide to move to Brooklyn. It is known that there is a large population of Asian people living there and a great Chinatown for you to explore. 

Manhattan Bridge Seen Between Buildings
Not only that this is one of the most affordable locations in NYC in 2022 but the scenery is also great

Sunset Park, Brooklyn

If you are all about safety and that sort of thing, Sunset Park is a good choice for you. It is safer than 60% of NYC neighborhoods and thus a perfect place for everyone. A fun thing about this place is that schools have the old-school charm that is no more in other parts of Brooklyn. It offers affordable housing options at mediant monthly rent set around $1200. There are many restaurants that are not fancy but are cheap. Moving companies Brooklyn advise you to explore this neighborhood – it is really cheap but it offers quite a bit of perks for everyone.


Harlem, Manhattan

The historic uptown Neighborhood of Harlem is the center of culture for years and that alone can be the main reason for picking this place for your new home. Best movers in Manhattan are saying that homes are spacious unlike in many other places around the Big apple. The community-focused neighborhood is perfect for families and young couples. You can say that Harlem has it all – we can’t pick just one thing, it offers so many options for all to enjoy. Rent is the lowest of entire Manhattan – around $1110 per month and it seems that more and more people are coming to this place because of that.

Whatever you pick, whichever place you chose, we are sure that you will make the right choice. Just stick to our list of the most affordable locations in NYC in 2022 and we are sure that your new home will be just perfect for you.

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