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Whether planning ahead or calling last minute, Divine Moving & Storage has all of your moving needs in Forest Hills movers covered. From packing & unpacking, long-term and short-term storage, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and specialty services (like TV and AV handling), everything you need to execute a successful move will be provided by Divine for one affordable all-inclusive flat rate price. When everything is all-inclusive in your custom moving package, you will rest easy knowing you’re in Divine hands. That’s moving made easy for Forest Hills, Queens.

Forest Hills has been relying on Divine Moving & Storage for almost 20 years to move them in and out of Queens efficiently, safely, and stress-free.

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“Easy” parking for moving trucks in Forest Hills Queens

Divine’s best-in-class packing, storing, and moving services in Forest Hills combined with our famous care, attention to detail, award winning customer service, and unparalleled professionalism has made us the best moving company in Queens for two decades. With packing and unpacking services, moving supplies delivery, long-term and short-term storage options, and relocation services Divine is a full-service moving company helping Forest Hills movers residents into their new homes. Our affordable rates ensure that you are receiving the most competitive price to move your home, business, or single items within Queens to Manhattan or anywhere on the East Coast or Tri-State Area, from NY to Connecticut and New Jersey.


When it comes time to move, you can move the hard way, or the Divine Way.

For a simply Divine move in Forest Hills, Queens, call Divine today!


With gorgeous Tudor-style homes, Forest Hills movers is a fabulous neighborhood for professionals and families to call home. Modeled on the garden communities of England, renowned architect and Yale and Columbia alumnus Grosvenor Atterbury was commissioned to design the neighborhood. As one of the first planned communities in the United States, Forest Hills Gardens is one of the only areas in NYC that can boast privately owned streets. While you can walk and drive through the neighborhood, you cannot park without a permit.

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Moving & Storage Company in Forest Hills Queens

Attracting affluent residents in 1913 was the relocation of the West Side Tennis Club from Manhattan to Forest Hills Gardens and beginning in 1978 was host to the U.S. Open tennis tournament.


Sadly for Forest Hills residents, the competition would later move to the USTA Tennis Center in nearby Flushing Meadows Park. The venue has even been host to some famous bands over the years: Concerts by the Beatles and Mumford & Sons are just two of the noteworthy bands who’ve dazzled New York City residents at the Tennis Stadium. They’ve promised to hold more music and entertainment events and have kept their promise attracting larger crowds as the venue becomes more popular for concerts.


Famously, in 2001’s The Royal Tenenbaums, Luke Wilson’s Richie Tenenbaum played a tennis match at Queens’ West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills. Alfred Hitchcock also featured the club in his 1951 movie Strangers on a Train.


Diverse housing with many upscale options mean that this is an attractive area for many young couples with children and Manhattan professionals looking for an easy commute. In fact, Cottage Living Magazine named the Forest Hills Gardens neighborhoods “Best Community” in 2007. With single-family homes, high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings, and attached townhouses there’s plenty of selection for those considering moving to Queens Forest Hills. And if you need added motivation, Spider Man–or rather, Peter Parker–called Forest Hills home and southern Forest Hills’ Loubet Street has even been used in some films.


Other than Spider Man, Forest Hills has been the birthplace and home to many successful creative types from actors, authors, and musicians and even athletes and politicians.

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Full service moving and Storage in Queens

Hank Azaria hails from the area as does David Caruso, Billy Eichner, and Ray Ramano. Author Dale Carnegie, known for his famous 1937 book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, lived on Wendover Road. Gideon Yago, a journalist and correspondent for MTV and CBS News is also from Forest Hills. Famous musicians ranging from Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel of the eponymous band, Simon & Garfunkel, are from Forest Hills, as are all four founding members of the Ramones (Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, and Tommy). Less famously, Forest Hills has been home to some scandal plagued politicians such as former Democratic National Committee chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz and disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, including some other respected public servants such as US Secretary of the Treasury, Jack Lew.


Forest Hills has been an attractive location for Jewish residents for years. Between Rego Park and Forest Hills, the largest population of Bukharian Jews in the world outside Israel, have called this tranquil area home. The Cord Meyer community living on the northside of Forest Hills has been building larger single family residences which critics complain have had a deleterious impact on the architectural integrity of the neighborhood. As Bukharian Jews settled in increasingly greater numbers in the late 1990s, they were vocal proponents of these larger homes arguing that their larger and growing families required the added space these more sizable residences allowed.


One of the most famous members of the Bukharian community in Forest Hills was Jacob Arabo, whom fine jewelry aficionados know as the founder of Jacob & Company, a favorite jewelry company among singers, celebrities, and hip-hop and rap artists.

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Pack and prep your own move day kit for the first 2 nights after your move

In fact, Jay-Z has even name checked Jacob the Jeweler–and first coined this new moniker–in his song Girl’s Best Friend. Following Jay-Z’s lead, Kanye West’s Touch the Sky mentioned Jacob’s shining baubles as did 50 Cent in Get in My Car. Jacob and his wife, Angela, still live in Forest Hills and plan to never pack up and move from this inspiring Queens neighborhood.


So when it’s time to move in and around the Queens neighborhood of Forest Hills, trust the best NYC movers in the city:

Divine Moving & Storage.

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At Divine Moving & Storage, we anticipate your needs even before you do.

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