moving and storage nyc

Same day and last minute emergency movers and storage

When all the spaces in our homes or offices have already been used and we do not have any place to put our other belongings, we always find a company that offers storage as their service. Also, whenever we would want to relocate our belongings to a new home or office, we would also look for a moving company who can do the job. However, having two separate problems already causes a stir and looking for separate solutions can make it messier. If you want to solve the two problems with only using one solution, it is possible. Doing business with Divine Moving & Storage allows you to hit two birds with one stone.


Divine Moving & Storage is the leading moving company of New York since 2000. The company has been providing the best moving services that client like you will be happy to acquire. The company ensures safety, reliability and hassle-free storage and moving services that you will be glad to try. This moving and storage NYC Company is always ready to give the needs of their clients when it comes to storage and moving. You will never have to worry once you acquire their services because the company is certified and several people have given their testimonials, which proved that the company is trustworthy when storage and moving are the matter. Moving in a wonderful city like New York will always be your best decision and experience because you are moving with Divine Moving & Storage, which is a professional and trusted company.


moving and storage nyc

Moving and storage NYC

Divine Moving & Storage is a moving and storage NYC Company that provides great storage services to the public. The team always put their customers first and never hesitates to provide their storage service to them. If you are looking for a place where you can store your belongings you use in homes or offices safely and securely, you can always count on Divine Moving & Storage in this matter. No matter how many boxes you would want to store in the company, the company will gladly accept it. You can store your office and personal belongings in our storage for days, weeks, months or even year! You will never have to worry about your belongings because tight security is always present for 24 hours. The company provides a moving and storage NYC that you can acquire whenever you would want to store your belongings on a safe place.

Moreover, the storage facility of Divine Moving & Storage is well maintained which means you will never see any dirt that can affect the stored belongings. Also, the storage facility is convenient, climate controlled and definitely safe. You can let go of your worries once you avail the storage service of Divine Moving & Storage. The storage that the company were styled for New York City apartments like studio types, penthouse and one-bedroom.

If you would want to make use of their storage service, you will be able to utilize their full service where you can either let the company pick up the belongings from your area or you will be the one to bring it to their storage facility. Also, the team can do the packing of your belongings to lessen your work. What’s more is that, once your belongings are with Divine Moving & Storage, they will always conduct inventories and sees to it that all the items have its corresponding numbers.

Moving Service of Divine Moving & Storage

Whenever we would want to move to a new area, we always look for the help of a moving company. When it comes to the best and trusted moving service in New York City, Divine Moving & Storage tops it all. The company has been helping the people of New York move their belongings from one place to another for fifteen years. Being the leading moving company, they were able to obtain experiences and skills, which made them a trusted and a dependable company. The moving crews of the company are always ready to help you whenever they arrive at your homes. They will help in packing your belongings and will move it to the new area safely and hassle free. Your moving experience will always be exceptional once you work with Divine Moving & Storage. The company offers several moving services that will perfectly suit your needs. The moving services that are offered are boxing, packing, handling delicate items, taping and securing valuables, driving trucks in different sizes, moving furniture in big sizes, working with the management of the office building, doorman, no doorman and guarding the walls, flooring and surfaces. Whatever moving services you need, Divine Moving & Storage has it all for you.

Working with Divine Moving & Storage when it comes to moving will always be the best choice that you have made. The team have been helping and serving their clients for several years and have never failed them. The moving crews of Divine Moving & Storage always see to it that all the belongings that are moved will never get broken. The company works to satisfy and not to disappoint their clients. The moving service of Divine Moving & Storage will make your moving stress free, hassle free and relaxing because of their full service.

If your problem is moving and storage NYC, you do not have to worry about it because Divine Moving & Storage will give you the best solution. The company will give you the best moving and storage experience that you cannot find from others. You can store all your belongings from either home or office at the company’s well-secured and well maintained storage facility. The good thing about their storage service is that you can store your belongings even for years and nothing will get missing. Moreover, Divine Moving & Storage moving service will bring your possessions to its new home carefully, safely and securely.

If you want to make use of our moving and storage NYC, you can always call to 866-668-7666 or 212-244-4011 or email at You can also get a free quote from Divine Moving & Storage. Call now!