Packing can seem like one of the most tedious and stressful jobs when it comes to making a home move. You’ll likely wonder where you got so much stuff in the first place, and even may consider not taking it all with you. Don’t let your own pile of ‘stuff’ overwhelm you. It all took a long time to get into one place, so there’s no need to expect that you can pack it all up in a matter of a day or two. When you’re moving in New York City, chances are you want to make as few trips as possible between your old home and your new place. Between traffic, pedestrians, and flights of stairs (especially if you’re dealing with an apartment), making multiple trips just isn’t efficient, or a good use of your time and energy. Check out these helpful packing tips to use when you’re planning your move, and turn your packing experience into a (somewhat) stress-free event.

Pack Items Like Groceries

You wouldn’t put a watermelon on top of a carton of eggs in the same grocery bags, would you? The same goes for your home items – you’ll find things are easier to lift, and fit in one box, if you pack heavier items first (at the bottom) and gradually get lighter toward the top. Also, put heavier boxes into a moving truck first, so you can pluck out the light ones when you get to your destination.

Don’t Mix Rooms

This may not seem like a big deal while you’re packing, but when you’re unpacking, it will save a lot of stress. Make sure you pack items from one room at a time, instead of mixing up items from different rooms. That way, you can designate each box with its own room when you’re ready to unpack, and it will make the entire process go by much quicker!

Bundle Up Your Breakables

Take the time to learn how to package up your breakable items. For example, you should always place dishes on their sides, instead of laying them down flat, and cups and bowls can be stacked inside of each other. The key with breakables is to try to ensure they are as ‘safe’ as can be. This can be done by filling in gaps with towels, packing paper, tape, etc. Breakable items can end up being heavy in a box on their own, so don’t be afraid to separate them into two or three boxes, but try to keep them together as much as you can.

Use The Right Size!

Make sure you’re using the proper sizes of boxes when you’re backing. Heavier items should go in smaller boxes, while lighter items can go in bigger ones, since more can fit without a lot of weight.

Packing doesn’t have to be such a pain, with a little bit of organization, a little bit of time, and the right attitude. Your NYC move can be that much less stressful with the right packing resources in mind– and if that is not an option just call us at 212-244-4011 and we’ll do it all for you ?