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Relocating with kids is never easy. You first need to find the right place for them to move into. And, if you can afford it, Upper East Side is certainly one of those places. But, that is only half the work. Then you need to figure out how to organize everything so that your relocation goes without any issues. Now, as you might guess, this sounds more simple than it actually is. Therefore, in order to help you out, Divine Moving and Storage NYC have come up with a comprehensive guide for moving to Upper East Side with kids. Hopefully, this will make your move a bit easier and bring you closer to living in the Upper East Side with your family.

Find out all you can before moving to Upper East Side with kids
Moving to Upper East Side with kids can be a great idea, but only if you prepare for it properly.

How to prepare for moving to the Upper East Side with kids

Moving to Upper East Side with kids is all about preparation. You need to first find the right Manhattan movers and then, with their help, organize your relocation. Now, we are going to go through all the key points that you will need to pay attention to. Make sure that you read this thoroughly as you should try to avoid moving mistakes and mishaps as much as possible.

Finding movers

You cannot be thinking about moving to Upper East Side with kids without hiring professional movers Upper East Side. Sure, you may try a DIY relocation on your own. But, when you are moving your whole family, there is simply too much to do. Therefore, you need to have a reliable moving company helping you out in order to move your family. Start looking for one online.

Check sites like Google or Yelp and see which moving companies you have nearby. Then you need to talk with each and every one of them. Use the fact that most moving companies offer free moving estimates. This will give you both the opportunity to check out a moving company and to see how much your move should cost.


People often underestimate how important packing is. In order to move to the Upper East Side with kids, it is vital that you have your possessions properly packed. You can attempt this on your own, but you should also consider hiring movers to do it for you. If you choose to deal with packing by yourself you need to know how to do it. Go online and find a good packing guide.

Then start listing all the things that you are going to pack. This will give you an idea about how many moving boxes you should get and in what size. You can try to get them for free by visiting local warehouses and stores, but you need to start as soon as possible. Do not expect that they will save enough if you start asking a week in advance.

Preparing your family relocation

Keeping your family healthy
Making sure that your family is healthy is paramount.

Besides packing your possessions, there are going to be other things that you will have to deal with before moving to Upper East Side with kids. The first one is to make sure that you have all the necessary moving documents. You need to check if your moving insurance is sufficient. Talk with a lawyer, if necessary, but make sure that you’ve got the right one. Next, you need to deal with notifying people about your relocation. This means that you will have to talk to your kids’ school and probably some agency of your local government. The sooner you start dealing with all the preparations the better you will be able to prepare your family for moving.

Health is wealth

Keeping your family healthy should be your number one priority at all times. And moving to Upper East Side with kids shouldn’t change that. In order to keep everyone healthy, you should first take everyone to a doctor for a regular checkup. Then you need to do what you can in order to keep their immune system up. Implementing healthy food, regular exercise, and vitamin supplements are necessary.

Make sure that everyone gets enough sleep and that they are not too stressed due to relocation. Moving with a child to NYC is hard enough as it is. Moving with a sick child comes too close to the impossible. Therefore you need to make sure to keep everyone’s health up.

What you should know about Upper East Side

When moving with your kids it is extremely important that you find the right neighborhood. The environment in which they will grow up in will shape their entire lives. If the neighborhood is safe, diverse and cultured, so will your kids be. If, on the other hand, you live in a dangerous and unstable neighborhood, you can hardly expect your kids to have a carefree childhood. Therefore, the Upper East Side can be a great place to raise kids, but there is one big flaw that you should be aware of.

Why is it good for kids

The Upper East Side is all you would like a family friendly neighborhood to be. It is safe, diverse and the people living there are quite cultured compared to other NYC neighborhoods. You will easily find a good school for your kid, you just need to start looking for it early.

The biggest downside

You will need a lot of money in order to live in the Upper East Side
The biggest downside to living in the Upper East Side is that it might cost you a fortune.

A general problem that people have with the Upper East Side is the cost. It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC. An average 4 bedroom apartment is going to cost you around $2700 monthly. And if you plan on buying real estate, you should know that the median home price in the Upper East side is $1.573.700. Therefore, renting in NYC can sometimes be much more preferable to buying real estate.

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