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If you want to make your dreams happen and be in the place where people will value you for your skills and knowledge, then you’ve got to move to Manhattan. No place on earth will provide you with so much diversity and opportunities. But, as you will find out, there are many places in Manhattan where you can move to. From SoHo to East Village, and Washington Heights. There are numerous neighborhoods that suit many lifestyles and living expenses. But, the one we feel stands out is the Upper East Side. That is why we are going to tell you why you need to move to Upper East Side.

Move to Upper East Side to make your dreams come true.
There are good reasons why you should move to Upper East Side, but it is not going to be expensive.

Why people usually move to Upper East Side

Upper East Side can be easily considered as one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. Not because it is best at any particular thing. You can probably find neighborhoods in Manhattan that are better for families and ones that are better for business. But, the thing that makes Upper East Side such a good neighborhood is that it is overall good.  You can move to Upper East Side and not think about moving anywhere else. This is because here you can easily find all the things that you will need in your younger part of life and in your mature years as well.


Two things help Upper East Side have its distinct look and that is families and restaurants. Many families choose to move to Upper East Side because it has good schools and it is overall safe. But, that didn’t stop the restaurants from popping up. Some of the best NYC restaurants are located on the Upper East Side and you will have a fun time trying them out. And remember, since this is Manhattan, you can pretty much find any cuisine that you want. From Thai food to Italian food and it’s numerous NYC derivatives. If you want to eat it, there is going to be an Upper East Side restaurant that is going to serve it.

Restoraunt in Upper East Side
There are numerous restaurants in Upper East Side that you can enjoy.


The Upper East Side is much more culturally conservative than some of the other Manhattan neighborhood. Just ask your local NYC movers about it. True, it is not as conservative as some of the other cities in the US. But, considering that this is NYC, it is still pretty conservative. Politically it is also interesting due to the fact that Republicans constitute 20% of the electorate. That is higher than any other Manhattan neighborhood. Most of this comes from the fact that a lot of families live and move to Upper East Side. They like to keep their neighborhood clean and wholesome, and once you see how nice it is, you have a hard time arguing with them.

People of the Upper East Side

Because so many families live in the Upper East Side, it has become a highly densely populated place. Combine with that the relatively good jobs and high salaries that people have in Manhattan and you will realize why Upper East Side contains the greatest concentration of individual wealth in Manhattan. But, that doesn’t mean that the Upper East Side prefers any specific type of people. After moving into your new NYC home, you will find a cocktail of people from all the possible cultural and ethnic backgrounds that you can imagine. Furthermore, you will meet people that have different religions and philosophies. Therefore you are bound to have some interesting conversations with your neighbors.

Job opportunities

Since the Upper East Side is primarily a residential area there aren’t many job opportunities in the neighborhood. But, that shouldn’t steer you away from it. Many good companies operate just 20 minutes away and you will probably have neighbors that work there.

A high end job
You will probably need to have a high-end job in order to afford to live in Upper East Side.

Once you move to Upper East Side you will have the opportunity to talk with a lot of successful people. This can be a huge benefit on the job front as useful friendships can help propel you professionally. Especially if your line of business has anything to do with IT or finances. There is no better place in the world to work on the stock market than Manhattan.

What does it cost to live on the Upper East Side

The biggest drawback of living on the Upper East Side is the cost of living. For years now it has been considered as the most expensive neighborhood in the US. Once you move to Upper East Side you will see why this is so. You can really have a good life there, but it is going to cost you. A lot of people would like to live on the Upper East Side, and the bigger the demand the higher the price. You cannot beat the laws of the free market.

Cost of apartments

A one bedroom apartment will cost you around $2300. While a four-bedroom apartment will go up to $4240. This is almost 50% higher than the NYC standard. If, on the other hand, you are planning on buying a home in the Upper East Side, you can expect it to go for around $1,573,700 as that is the average value. While this is high, rent money does pile up over the years, so you should weight out buying vs renting in NYC.

Cost of living

Another reason why you will need to have a good amount of money in order to live in Upper East Side is the cost of living. Since the rent is higher, everything else goes up to pay for it. So you can expect to pay twice as much for your food and drinks then you would in the smaller cities. It is redundant to mention that this is not cheap and that you cannot move to Upper East Side on a budget. Especially if you want to hire a good Upper East Side moving company to relocate you. You need to have your financial situation figured out in order to move here.

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