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Before we delve into the intricacies of moving while pregnant, we’d first like to congratulate you! It is truly a marvelous stepping stone in your life. You are probably familiar that the vast majority of things you do while expecting are more difficult than before. We cannot claim with certainty that relocation will be any different. Still, there are certain steps that ought to make it simpler.

Be mindful of yourself

The subtitle of this paragraph sums up the essence of the text that follows. It is the most crucial aspect when it comes to moving while pregnant. Even if you weren’t expecting, a move would take a lot out of you, both physically and mentally. So, with regards to your condition, you need to take care of yourself. We know that it’s easier said than done, but we implore you to put your efforts into following our advice. However hectic this period may be, you still ought to sleep and eat right. In addition, try to squeeze some room for your physical activity, if you haven’t already done a lot. As the moving week approaches, make sure to have extra time for yourself. Don’t worry, the following steps will allow you to do so. Take that extra time to have a prenatal massage, a prenatal yoga class, or simply have a few extra naps.

Pregnant women doing yoga
Make room for your daily habits and try your best to stick to them.

Organization is key

Now there’s a phrase you haven’t heard before. If you want those extra hours prior to the move, the sooner you act, the better. And, with the baby growing inside of you, you probably don’t have too much on your agenda. So, use that extra time to put on paper everything that needs to be done. Everything from packing to finding moving companies Astoria. Once all the tasks are listed, you can proceed with creating a realistic timeline. This will help keep the stress levels down, and still get everything done.

When moving while pregnant, it’s never too early to start

Although it might seem a bit excessive to have some of your items packed 10 weeks prior to the move, believe us when we say that it will pay off. When you start methodically, packing first the items you most seldom use, you will find yourself only having to take care of the essentials upon moving day. Giving yourself this amount of time gives room to mistakes and certain delays, allowing you to keep your peace of mind, even if things go awry. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should slack off. Try to stick to the plan to the best of your ability. If you do not have the time and nerves for the arduous job of packing, do not hesitate from hiring some moving company to come and help.

Don’t forget to label

Whether you are moving while pregnant to DC, moving to NYC with kids, or moving on your own down the street, it would be highly recommendable that you label your boxes. Chances of remembering where you packed everything (especially if you started 3 months earlier) are slim, at best. Besides shortening the time of the search for any particular item, it will also allow you to put every box in its rightful place after the relocation.

Colorful markers
Labeling your boxes might seem like tedious work, but it will pay off down the road.

Prepare the essentials bag

When pregnant, women tend to be dependant on certain items. As the moving day approaches, see that you have a separate bag, filled with all these essential items. It will save you both the time and the nerves you would otherwise spend looking for them. With the essentials bag by your side, you can stay calm knowing you have everything you need at hands reach.

Scope out your new neighborhood

If you are moving somewhere within a range of a reasonable car ride, or even walking distance, utilize this opportunity to relieve yourself of the fear of the unknown. Extend your usual daily walks, and do a bit of researching of your new neighborhood. See where the local grocery stores, good coffee shops, restaurants, mommy groups, and other interesting activities are. This will also help you keep your daily schedules and routines fairly intact. If, however, you are in for a long distance move, do not fall into despair just yet. A number of rather intelligent individuals have put their minds together and granted us the gift of the Internet. Use it to your advantage. Sites like Google Earth will prove to be of most help in these situations.

The doctor changing situation

For those of you who are moving within the borders of your city, and you need to rent a storage unit, feel free to give this paragraph as much or as little attention as you desire. However, for those of you who are changing their location a bit more drastically, we suggest that you have a word with your healthcare provider. Moving while pregnant, besides the change of home, also means the change of the doctor. So, to ensure that you are welcomed to your new home with capable hands, see if your current doctor has some contacts. Perhaps he can recommend one of the more reliable colleagues. Try to establish contact with your future doctor as soon as you can. In addition, make sure to have copies of your medical records as well as your prenatal file.

A doctor writing on a piece of paper
It would be very much desirable to have all the needed attention and care waiting for you, rather than trying to find it once you get to your new home.

Moving while pregnant means being comfortable with accepting help

Yes, you are a strong, independent woman that carries life inside of her. Still, with that baby in mind, and as we previously stated, you need to be mindful of yourself. When your friends and family offer to help, don’t shy away from accepting it. Rather than pretending you can handle it all by yourself (moving a couch is hard whichever way you look at it), be honest and realistic. Even if it’s for the little things or emotional support, let people help you. It will not make you less of a strong person but will mean a lot to your baby’s and your own health.

We wish you efficient packing, happy travels and many joyful moments to come with your little one.

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