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When it comes to relocation, there are things you just cannot do on your own. That is why choosing the right type of moving company is crucial. Moving your book collection may seem an easy job, but it is not. Books are very valuable, especially if they have an emotional value for you. That is why we made this guide, to make things easier for you.

Choose the right moving company for moving your book collection

Choosing the right moving company in order to move your book collection is not so easy. You surely don’t want something bad to happen to them during transportation. Having a book collection already means a lot of work. You need to clean them from the dust, make sure that there are no moths, and keep them on the shelf where they are safe. But, moving them, that is a totally new dimension of work. Let’s say that you are moving to Long Island. Therefore hire Long Island movers who are skilled and knowledgeable in this matter. They train their experts very carefully and long before they even become ready for the job.

Your books are your treasure.  Some books are very old and they have enormous value. That is why their handling during relocation is very important. Well, if they are not handled correctly they can suffer severe damage. And that is not the point of a safe relocation. But before you even begin with the moving process inspect them thoroughly. And give your movers a little trust and everything will be all right.

Make an inventory list

Making an inventory list when you are moving your book collection is also important. Why? Well, the answer to this question lays in commodity and certainty that every book is properly transported. You can benefit a lot from an inventory list. First, you have listed every book and have had a good look at it. Then you will know in which moving box it is placed. And the most important of all, when you begin with unpacking, you will find it in a few minutes. But, don’t prepare the books for packing on your own. If you are moving to Brooklyn, then let Brooklyn movers take care of your book collection. They will gladly help you with preparations.

You can make an inventory list of your book collection very easily. Take all the books you want to move in a safe and dry place. Clean them from dust and inspect them for mold or moths. Every writer has to have its box. For example, your Agatha Christie novels are listed with “A” on the box, but you put in your inventory list A-1, and etc. It will be much easier for you to get them unpacked when they arrive to a new location.

-woman making an inventory list
Before you begin with moving your books make an inventory list for easier unpacking

Packing and proper preparation

Packing is a crucial activity in the moving process. When it comes to moving your book collection, only professional movers know what is the right way to pack them. Let’s say that you are moving to NYC. Then you will need to arrange packing services NYC because only then your books will be safely packed. Their movers will explain to you everything you need to know about packing. And they will find adequate protective wrappings and moving boxes for your books. You cannot do this on your own, because you don’t have the knowledge and experience. And that is completely all right. That is why your movers are there for you.

Packing your books needs to be done with precaution. Moving experts often use gloves while they are doing that in order to avoid physical contact and leaving fingerprints while packing them. As you can see professional movers know what they are doing. They won’t allow anything bad to happen to your books. Because they are here to give them protection.

-packing your book collection
Packing your book collection can be done smoothly with your movers’ help

Define your budget when relocating your book collection

The moving cost can vary from one moving company to another. That is why it is so important for you to choose the right moving company for you. True professional movers won’t try to scam you in any way. They will cherish your trust and won’t let you down. Because care about their reputation and a word of mouth is very valuable. Let’s say that you are moving to Long Island. In any case, contact the right moving company Long Island and have no problems with determining the budget for moving. They are experts in what they do.

Moving your book collection will be easy with your movers. You need to give them every important information they need so they can make you a correct assessment. Avoid all frauds in the moving business and you will be grateful. Don’t waste your money and time on moving companies that want to take advantage of you. Reliability is not something you just find on the street. Listen to recommendations and our suggestions. All we want is for you to have a safe and successful relocation.


Moving your book collection won’t be easy. But with the right helpers by your side, it will be successful. It doesn’t matter if you are moving them because you want to sell them or because you are a book lover. The only thing that matters is that they arrive safely and without damage. Make an inventory list and call your movers now. Then you will see that you will have enough time to focus on selling the books or getting the shelves ready for your book collection.

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