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The moment your move becomes the thing of imminent certainty is when the chores and task start piling up. You need to find the right moving company, get proper packing materials and moving boxes Manhattan, sort out things at work, and make sure that everything in your future home is well and functional. In addition, as if the whole process of moving wasn’t arduous enough, one has to deal with post-move cleaning. Luckily, this text has found you well and will provide some guidelines, so as to help in this time of need.

Every relocation carries with itself the dreaded possibility of damaged goods. While getting proper insurance with your moving company is a smart move, and a necessity according to some, we believe that there are certain steps prior to this one that are worth taking. In order to ensure that your precious goods won’t get broken or damaged, you ought to know how to prepare them for the long road ahead. Not many things in our households are as dear to us as our flat-screen TVs. With that in mind, the text in front of you will be instructing you how to pack a flat-screen TV. The end result will be a secure package, ready to tackle all the relocation challenges.

We all know that moving can be very frustrating. This frustration is a reflection of our own inability to go through everything and can’t control every aspect of the moving process. Going against this fact is what drive people crazy about moving. But there are several things that can make your moving easier. One of them is movers. Learn about 10 things your movers want you to know when moving and find out what is good to do and what isn’t.

Unpacking should be the easiest part of the moving process. It is much harder to pack, load the moving truck, drive and unload. Luckily, that is behind you now. All that’s left to do is unpack. Easy, right? Think again. You haven’t had a day of rest in weeks and all you want to do is take a shower and fall asleep. But you can’t do it because everything is still in those boxes. And what if you can’t find the stuff you need immediately? Planning ahead is key. Following these steps will make unpacking after the move much easier and more efficient.

When it comes to moving, you probably already know that you should pack systematically. The main thing that you need to do is to label boxes clearly. That way, you will have a much easier time unpacking. But when it comes to packing your kitchen for the move  – you probably don’t have an idea where to start. So many plates, cutlery, appliances, pots and similar. And of course, you are afraid that you won’t pack them correctly and they will come shattered to your new place. But don’t worry – our movers Brooklyn created this simple guide to help you so you can move your whole kitchen with ease!

Where to start when packing your kitchen for the move?

Well, the first thing when it comes to packing your kitchen for the move is to run down all of your food. If you have any food in the freezer, start using it before your move or maybe give it to your friends or donate it. After that, start minimizing your grocery list. Buy only the items that you will use before the moving day. So, the first place to start moving your kitchen is the food!

Sort everything out

Well, this will be a pretty hard task. You will need to sort things that you will keep, throw away or donate. Also, you should make an essentials box, but we will talk about it later. So you need to sort the items that you will be using before the move:

  • Plates, cups, cutlery for everyone for two meals
  • One saucepan
  • Two or three sharp knives
  • Coffee maker and toaster (if you use them)
  • Dishwasher soap and cleaning materials
plate on a table
Make sure to sort everything when packing your kitchen for the move.

The next sorting should be about things that you will carry with you into your new home. You need to check every drawer, cupboard and little-hidden spot to find all the belongings you have. Sort them out and decide what will go into your new home. Also, make sure you have a box ready for all the items you plan on getting rid of.

Essential box

The essential box is a box filled with things that you need on a daily basis. This box will go into the moving truck last. But it will be unpacked first. It should contain a plate for every person in your household, essential cutlery, and at least one pan and pot. That way, you will be able to prepare food and eat, without having to unpack everything. Just in case your unpacking takes longer than you expected.

Packing material is your new best friend

Yes, no matter how you decide to pack your kitchen, you need to have quality packing materials. You need to have good and sturdy boxes, packing paper, packing plastic, cardboard separators for glasses and cups. Markers, tape even packing peanuts. You need to make sure that you have good and quality materials so you can be sure that your belongings will come to your new home in one piece.

Getting all those materials can be a drag and it could cost you a bit more. But you will be glad you spent the time and money when all of your belongings arrive undamaged. Buy lots of packing paper and plastic and enough packing peanuts to fill all your boxes.

Appliances – what to do?

To be honest, the best thing would be if you still have the original boxes and packaging for your appliances. They are designed to provide the best protection during transport and storage. So if you happen to have them, use them. But if you (like most of the people) got rid of them, don’t worry. There are many ways in which you can protect them during transport.

Food next to kitchen appliances.
Consider how to pack the appliances.

The first thing that you need to do before you start packing your kitchen for the move is to find suitable boxes. Measure the dimensions of your appliances and go to a hardware store. It shouldn’t be hard to find boxes that can fit your appliances.

Once you find the boxes, carefully place the appliance in the box. Make sure that you only have one appliance per box. Otherwise, you risk damaging them. There will probably be a lot of empty space left. Fill it with packing foam or packing peanuts. Make sure that the appliance can wobble around. It should be in the box tightly. Like the first day that you unpacked it.

How to handle fragile glasses and plates?

Packing fragile items is never easy. And it’s never more apparent than when packing your kitchenware. Cups, glasses, plates – they are all very fragile and break easily. So, packing them needs to be done with great care. There are several methods for protecting your fragile items during transport. But here we will go over two of the most popular.

Wine glass
Packing the glassware is an important part of packing your kitchen for the move.

Buy moving boxes designed for glasses

If you’ve ever bought glasses, than you know that they come in a package that separates and protects them. That’s what you’ll be looking for. Both hardware stores and moving companies NYC sell boxes like these. And they give the best possible protection to your fragile items. So, as long as you don’t drop the box, your cups and glasses should be fine.


If you can’t find moving boxes with separators for glasses, you can improvise your own solution. Your main goal is to not let glasses, cups, and plates come in contact with each other during transport. You can use many materials to ensure this. One way to go is to wrap your items in plastic wrap. Plastic will dampen the blow and should protect your belongings. Another way is to use your towels. You can save some money on packing materials by wrapping each glass with a towel.

But, no matter how you decide to do it, make sure you don’t mix items when packing your kitchen for the move. Glasses should go in a box with glasses. Plates should go in a box with plates. And never ever mix your glasses or plates with metal items such as cutlery or pots and pans. And, of course, there are always professional packing services NYC.

NYC moving trucks
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