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So, you decided to move to New York City? Congratulations! Moving to The Big Apple might seem scary, especially if you’ve lived in a small town your whole life. But, there are plenty of neighborhoods in NYC that have welcoming and charming communities. Before you move with Divine Moving and Storage NYC, you need to decide where in New York you want to live. Surely you know all the popular neighborhoods, but if having friendly neighbors is imperial to you, we’ve got your back. We are sharing the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle the best.

These are the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC

Moving to an NYC neighborhood with a welcoming community can define your experience of living in this city. Experienced local movers NYC offers, know all the best neighborhoods, and will gladly recommend the ones which suit your lifestyle best. Whether you’re looking for a calm suburban feel to a neighborhood, or a hip and trendy new community, you will find everything and more living in The Big Apple. Depending on your budget and preferences, you will like one of these friendly areas in New York City:

  • Smithtown, Long Island
  • Sunnyside, Queens
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Midtown Manhattan
man and woman preparing for the move
Finding neighborhoods with best communities in NYC is not hard.

Smithtown, Long Island

Long Island may not be the first thing you think when someone mentions NYC, but a third of New Yorkers choose to live in one of its neighborhoods. If you’re looking for a close-knit community where you’ll feel at home, consider renting or buying a home in Smithtown. This small but friendly neighborhood will welcome you with open hands. Contrary to some of New York’s more popular neighborhoods such as SoHo or the Upper East Side, Smithtown is more affordable. Renting a one-bedroom apartment here will cost you slightly below $3,000 on average. Moving to Smithtown with Long Island movers will give you the peace of mind that your belongings are safe, and you will be able to fully enjoy everything this neighborhood has to offer. From unique shops, artisan breweries, and beautiful parks, living in Smithtown is truly an extraordinary experience.

Sunnyside, Queens

Living in Sunnyside, and Queens, in general, is always a controversial topic. People either love it or hate it. But, there’s no denying that this NYC neighborhood is increasing in popularity constantly. If you love a neighborhood with a homey feel, and a close-knit community, and want to avoid being in the throws of the city crowd, Sunnyside is the ideal place. Living here is also significantly more affordable than in Manhattan or Brooklyn, with an average rent price for a one-bedroom apartment being around $1,600. Call your Queens movers ASAP, and become a part of this charming community. You will have the chance to enjoy all the advantages of living in New York City and not spend all of your hard-earned money on rent.

Queens is one of the neighborhoods with best communities in NYC
Sunnyside is a popular NYC neighborhood in Queens.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you’re looking for a place to live in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York City, Williamsburg, Brooklin is the answer. Williamsburg is a welcoming and hearty neighborhood, where all things hip are happening. The neighborhood is known as hipster central, which only contributes to its popularity among young people. If you want to be a proud resident of Williamsburg, you won’t regret moving here with one of the moving companies Brooklyn offers. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood will cost you around $3,400 a month. That is a fair price to be able to enjoy all the great food, art galleries, and exciting nightlife that Williamsburg offers.

Midtown Manhattan

All the things that scream “New York City” are located in Midtown Manhattan. Times Square, the Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building are all found in this exact Manhattan neighborhood. This is the place you want to live if you want to be close to all the happenings and the crowd. The community will welcome everyone with open hands, the inclusivity and diversity are second to none. Moving here with the best movers in Manhattan is a great idea if you want to be in the center of all things trendy and popular. You will certainly never be bored living in this part of New York City. Hot restaurants and events are popping up every second, and there is always something to do in Manhattan.

However, being at the heart of everything, renting in Midtown Manhattan might cost you a pretty penny. The average rent in this part of New York is a whopping $12,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. Although it might not be affordable for many people, it’s also not the most expensive or luxury neighborhood in The City That Never Sleeps.

Midtown Manhattan
Midtown Manhattan is the ideal neighborhood for those looking to be in the heart of all happenings.

Choose the best NYC neighborhood for you and hire reliable movers to help you relocate

Moving to one of the most desirable destinations in the world can be stressful. But, with the right movers by your side, New York City will be your home in no time. Knowledgeable professionals will take good care of your precious belongings, and you can relax and focus on choosing neighborhoods with best communities in NYC. And don’t worry that hiring professional moving services will cost a fortune. Moving companies nowadays offer competitive prices and even if you’re on a budget, you’ll be able to afford to have moving experts help you with your relocation. Have the harmonious NYC relocation you deserve, and don’t hesitate to hire some of New York’s finest movers for your upcoming relocation.


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