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4 Tips to Prepare You to Move Into a New Office

4 Tips to Prepare You for your new york city office move

Moving from home-to-home is one thing, but moving an entire office space is a whole different monster to tackle. After getting countless calls from frustrated customers trying to relocate their office without any prior preparation, our New York City office movers at Divine Moving decided to provide 4 insightful tips to facilitate this process. Keep in mind, these tips are meant to assist you in preparing to move your office space to a new location. We highly recommend getting in touch with our highly skilled team of professionals to make your move a cake-walk!

Create a Time Frame and Schedule 

Managing your time is vital to ensure that your move is an easy one. Figure out a good time to begin informing employees and clients about the move, packing all office equipment and choosing a move out date. Having a schedule with plans helps to keep you organized and prevents any unwanted stress.

Plan a New Office Layout 

Most people tend to just focus on moving all of their belongings out and attempt to figure the rest along the way. This is a major flaw that many of our customers attempted to do before contacting us. Make sure that you design an interactive and productive space for your staff. Mapping out where each department will be in the office as well as distributing the furniture will assist the movers when bringing everything into the new office.

Label Everything According to Department 

To avoid major confusion, it is smart to label every box that you pack. Marking it by what’s physically in the boxes can be unproductive. Rather, try to label each box to indicate its respective department. This will allow the department members to locate and unload their belongings in a timely manner.

Hire New York City Office Movers 

Finally, the last step involves hiring a skilled and experienced team of New York City office movers. Essentially, this step should be thought of during the beginning of your moving process, but should be handled last. Completing the previous steps are great ways to prepare yourself for the transition. When hiring a moving company, it’s important to make sure they are a credible and accomplished company. Movers reduce the bulk of the stress involved in relocating, and take on the bulk of the labor.

Divine Moving has been moving New Yorkers since 2000. Our team includes expert movers that will facilitate the move of your office in the big apple. Divine Moving makes it our business to help people move safely and smoothly. To schedule a move or to get a quote, get in contact with Divine Moving today at 866-668-7666!

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