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Working every day and dealing with stress is hard. Preparing for a move is also difficult. Booking Divine Moving and Storage can be tricky if you don’t start on time. However, it’s winter now and it will snow soon. Additionally, holidays are just around the corner and you should spend these days in a good mood. So, if you feel like you need some time for yourself to rest and have a good time, you should plan your NYC getaway. If you are moving to NYC during winter, NYC itself can be that perfect Christmas getaway. NYC is maybe the most popular city in the world. So, it’s only natural that there will be a lot of events and festivals for Christmas every year. For this reason, here are a few NYC Christmas getaway ideas for you to go after your relocation.  

What are the best NYC Christmas getaway ideas?  

As you probably know, moving during winter has many advantages. The most important advantage would be an easier time booking Brooklyn movers and cheaper moving costs. However, if you expect that there will be less crowd and traffic during winter in NYC, that might not be the case. As you probably know, NYC is a very popular city with many tourists all year around. Also, NYC has popular Christmas and New Year’s events that attract people from all around the world. So, you should expect traffic jams and long hours on the road. But, it’s the Christmas season and the city is decorated in Christmas decorations and seems more beautiful. So, you should use this festive mood to plan your perfect Christmas gateway. 

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  • Lake Placid  
  • Syracuse  
  • Troy  
  • Catskills  
Christmas tree
NYC Christmas getaway ideas should include the Christmas tree

NYC is the perfect Christmas gateway for you  

If you are planning a move to NYC with Upper West Side movers during winter then you already have your perfect Christmas gateway. NYC is a huge city with many interesting places to visit. There is always something new to see and go to in NYC. This is especially true during winter months when there is something to see at almost every corner of the street. You should go in the evening for a walk at the New York Botanical Garden to see numerous LED lights and festive installations. Also, you can spend time skating at The Rink at the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park and meet Santa Clause after. Your kids will certainly love it.   

What else you can do?

Winter is finally here and you can start enjoying winter wonders like snow, Christmas carols at every corner, etc. While snow is not an ideal companion for relocation, it’s nothing that Queens movers can’t deal with. As you don’t have to worry much about transporting your items through the snow with a reliable moving company, you can focus on planning what to do in NYC. Your first stop should definitely be The Bronx Zoo. This zoo has over 200 different animals and also it prepares every year light show that shows 30 animal species. Additionally, there would be holiday-themed music, costumed characters, hot beverages, souvenirs, etc. It certainly sounds like a perfect Christmas activity for one evening. It’s a perfect date night or family activity. Either way, you shouldn’t skip it this year.  

one of the NYC Christmas getaway ideas - Zoo
Visiting the Zoo is always an option

Inexpensive NYC Christmas getaway ideas   

As you already know, moving is not cheap. So, now it’s not the best time for expensive gateways for Christmas. For this reason, there are many inexpensive winter weekend getaways near NYC for families. These places are perfect ideas to get away from the city’s crowd and constant noise. Catskills is a good choice if you like outdoor activities and mountains. Skiing is always a safe choice for Christmas gateways. You can show off your skills on skis during the day and spend your evenings near the fireplace drinking hot chocolate. Also, almost every resort has some special events prepared for holidays. A few days in the mountains will improve your mood and you will forget about moving or everyday hardships.   

Winter is also a good time for relocation  

Winter is not the most popular season for a relocation because of cold weather and snow. However, while these are serious cons, there are also many benefits. As already said, moving companies can be up to 30% less expensive as the demand is not so high during winter. Additionally, you will have more chance to hire a better moving company and you won’t be limited only on less popular ones. It doesn’t mean that less popular ones are bad companies but always choose reliable ones. However, this doesn’t mean you can hire professional movers two or one week before your desired moving date. You still need to contact several moving companies a month or two in advance. Other people might think like you and want to move during the winter months.  

person walking on the street
You can even move during the winter

Why you should consider Christmas gateway right after your relocation?  

Christmas is the most favorite holiday for many people and it’s probably yours too. Moving is hard and you will spend a considerable amount of money. So, your budget might not be ready for more expenses so soon. But, as you can see, there are good NYC Christmas getaway ideas that don’t cost much and you won’t have to travel too far. For this reason, you can spend your Christmas holidays investigating NYC and finding out hidden gems. No matter what holiday gateway you choose, only it matters that you spend with people you love and care about. Luckily, there are many choices in and near NYC for everyone. You should just pick one that you like and can afford. Also, spending Christmas at your new home after the relocation is a good idea. Your new home is also something like a gateway for you. 


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