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Being one of the most famous and popular cities in the world, New York City is the center of many happenings. From politics to fashion to film and art in general to amazing NYC music festivals. Think about what you would like to see or experience in such terms and you could probably do it in New York City. You would just need to make sure to be there at the right time. Just like that, if you are traveling to New York, you should make sure to be there on time to see some of the best NYC music festivals that take place every year. Since it can be somewhat difficult to get a hold of them, we have decided to make it easy on you. Following is the list of NYC music festivals that you should not miss. Read on and find out which ones you like.

Choose among many of NYC music festivals for you
No matter what kind of music you’re in, you’ll be able to find a music festival of your liking in NYC

The overview

Before we move on, let’s first take a look at what you have got on the music festivals menu. Then, it will be easier for us to explain what you can expect at each festival. On the other hand, it will be easier for you to make the choice.

  • SummerStage
  • Governors Ball
  • BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!
  • Northside Festival
  • Hot 97 Summer Jam
  • River to River
  • MoMA PS1 Warm Up

SummerStage tops the list of NYC music festivals you need to experience

SummerStage is one of the largest open-air festivals to take place in New York City. The festival runs through almost all of the summer starting in July and ends in late September. For these, almost full three months, you can choose what acts you are going to attend. As you might expect, the list of performers is quite long every year. One of the best news is the fact that whatever you may be into – ballet, opera, pop music or theater – takes place at SummerStage festival. Therefore, take a look at the lineup and choose the days when you are going to attend.

Governors Ball

Governors Ball is a four-day festival taking place at Randalls Island every year. It always takes place in the last week of May and sometimes spills into June as well. The participants? While SummerStage is filled with various niche acts, Governors Ball brings together well-established musicians. Ranging from rap to R’n’B to pop. If you are moving to Manhattan soon and looking to attend this festival, you’d better make sure to buy the ticket on time. Due to its popularity, it would not be uncommon for the tickets to be sold out.

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!

For those of you who are moving to NYC with kids, let us reassure you that Brooklyn too has a lot to offer in the terms of NYC music festivals. BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn is one of them.

Girl dancing in front of her tent
Unlike in some other cities, camping is not allowed in NYC

This is an NYC music festival that takes place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. This festival brings a fusion of popular artists ranging from indie-rock to famous hip-hop acts. Entrance is usually free, but there is a $5 suggested donation. Given the fact that this festival runs from early June all the way to mid-August, we are certain that you would be more than eager to support it with the small suggested amount.

Northside Festival

Northside Festival is another Brooklyn-located music attraction that starts in early June and lasts for four days. Once again, Brooklyn is offering great summer fun with an amazing vibe. Northside is held in a wonderful setting in Williamsburg. When it comes to acts who perform here, we need to point out that music is not the only thing that takes place at the Northside Festival. Given the fact that the Northside Media is the organizer of this festival, you should expect different types of movie screenings and talks to happen here.

There are plenty of people buying and renting apartments in NYC. They seldomly think about what is going to be taking place in heir neighborhood. Do not be one of those people. Find out what awaits you. And be sure that, no matter what your primary objects of interests are, we can reassure you that there will be something for you to experience in this NYC music festival.

Hot 97 Summer Jam

So, here is the moment when we are about to commit “blasphemy“. We are including a festival that takes place in New Jersey on the list of NYC festivals that you should not miss. Well, Hot 97 Summer Jam is simply too good to miss.

If you are into rap and hip-hop you must have already heard of this amazing festival. For the past 25 years, Hot 97 Summer Jam has been bringing top hip-hop acts at the height of their reign to the masses of people. The festival takes place in East Rutherford, NJ at the MetLife Stadium. Since access to New Jersey from New York City is easy, you should not have difficulties should you choose to attend this festival.

Image of a girl dancing in the crowd
NYC music festivals can become very colorful after the paint is thrown onto people

River to River

Founded in 2002, River to River festival takes place in Lower Manhattan. However, just like some of the festivals that we have already mentioned on this list, River to River is a festival that offers more than just music. Visual acts, movie screenings, dance and poetry all have a place here. If you live in Manhattan and do not feel like crossing either river in order to attend the festival – don’t. Enjoy amazing bands right were you live.

MoMA PS1 Warm Up

Warm Up is one of the NYC music festivals that take place in MoMA PS1 in Queens. This is a festival that runs throughout summer on a weekly basis. The music festival has been taking place for more than 20 years now. It combines live and electronic music, performances and art exhibitions. The accent of this festival is on up and coming artists who have not had their mainstream breakthrough yet. So, if you are into finding out about new things on the art scene, this festival may be the right one for you.


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