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When considering a new place to move to, people often think about the transportation options available. In big cities like New York, this is especially important. If you don’t plan to use a car, this can highly impact your everyday life. Instead of regretting it afterward, start thinking about this before you complete your move with Divine Moving and Storage NYC. The Big Apple is a crowded city, with a well-established public transportation system, but some neighborhoods are better than others. In this article, we will list some NYC neighborhoods with great public transportation.

What are some NYC neighborhoods with great public transportation?

Picking some NYC neighborhoods with great public transportation is nearly as important as picking an apartment. You will go to work daily, so you might as well commute with ease if it is possible. If you want this to be a reality, relocate with the help of Long Island movers to one of the following boroughs:

  • Financial District
  • Union Square/Flatiron District
  • Columbus Circle
  • Astoria

Financial District

In the past, if you told someone that you lived here, they would stare at you in wonder. It used to be a residential ghost town, apart from a few brave souls. The people living here didn’t have access to basic everyday things, because people didn’t bother to open stores in this part of the city. But that is a thing of the past. After the 9/11 attack, things changed drastically. The government started a project in hopes of repopulating lower manhattan. Price and tax cuts for potential residents and businesses gave results and this part of NYC came back to life. There are endless public transportation options at your doorstep, just contact some moving companies Queens to get you here. Numerous trains pass through this neighborhood, and a lot of them start and stop their journey here. Getting around in the Financial District is a breeze.

Picture of a subway station
The Financial District has great connections to other neighborhoods

Union Square/Flatiron District

Union Square is the transportation center of the downtown and it stretches from 14th to 17th Street. The Flatiron District is on top of the previous, so the two areas are technically connected. Whichever of the two you pick, one of the local movers NYC will be more than happy to help with your relocation. Both these neighborhoods have subway stations that have importance to the whole city. Some of the trains even give easy access to Brooklyn.

Columbus Circle

When the Time Warner Center came to exist a few years ago, it gave a twist to the identity of this neighborhood. It is a luxurious part of the city, with beautiful buildings surrounding the center. If you want to live the experience of luxury in NYC, we recommend you some local movers Manhattan. The 59th Street-Columbus Circle Station keeps this area well connected to other parts of the city. Thanks to this station, a lot of important bus lines of the city pass through this area, and a huge number of taxis makes it incredibly easy to get around if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on transportation.


Astoria is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC according to many people. This neighborhood also has some of the best moving companies Astoria. It is not just the quality of the transportation system, but also other factors, like the location. Its proximity to Manhattan makes it a hub for young people who work in the heart of NYC. They can pick how to get there, either by bus, train or subway. Commuting from this neighborhood makes going to work enjoyable.

Person riding a bicycle down the road of some of the NYC neighborhoods with great public transportation
Astoria has more amazing things to it than just a good transportation system

Conclusion on the NYC neighborhoods with great public transportation

The NYC neighborhoods with great public transportation offer much more than just a good transportation system. Before you pick one of them, consider the other factors that could impact your final decision, like the cost of living. Decide where to move to only once you have considered everything. We wish you good luck!


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