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Decorating a home is really something you can enjoy in. Taking your old apartment and trying to think of ways to make it feel new, but still, retain the feeling of a home. You can do this for a plethora of reasons, but the most important one is to have a positive change in your life. Your surrounding impact your mental and physical health by a huge margin so this is an important topic! We have compiled a list of some ideas you can implement while remodeling your home in NYC. So, brace yourselves, NYC self-remodeling ideas ahead!

remodeling your home
Remodeling your home is fun!

How should you go forward with your self-remodeling?

The most important thing when doing something as big as a self-remodeling is to have a proper plan. Proper organization is vital for everything in life and that applies to remodel as well. You should create a remodeling checklist and follow it to its last word. Think about everything you can before you start remodeling and add more stuff as the workers you have hired suggest something. When you create a remodeling checklist you will be aware of all the potential problems that may arise and you will know how to solve them. Or at least have a general idea on how to deal with everything. If you happen to stray off your checklist, there is a possibility that something may go wrong. And you do not want that.

Getting the right tools

This is another vital thing to your self remodeling your apartment. If you do not have the necessary tools to do the job, your Brooklyn movers probably will. This is an easy way to conduct your remodeling, especially if you are buying new furniture!

Repainting your apartment

Repainting your apartment can give it new life. Whether you repaint the whole thing or just some of the rooms, the impact it will have on your surrounding is undeniable. You do not even need to change the color! Just a fresh repaint can create a feeling that you are living in a new home. One of the best NYC self-remodeling ideas! However, when you start painting, make sure that you are ready for the endeavor. You do not want to destroy any of your furniture by spraying paint all over it. This is why you should consider furniture storage NYC. When you store everything in a unit, you will not have to worry about getting paint all over your belongings. However, if you do not have the budget and time to do so, consider putting all the furniture in the middle of the room and covering it with plastic sheets.

Repainting your apartment is one of the best NYC self-remodeling ideas!
Repainting your apartment is one of the best NYC self-remodeling ideas!

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is one of the hardest places to renovate properly. This is due to the fact that most kitchen cabinets and appliances are expensive. Another thing to consider is that you cannot move the sink or the washing machine. This is because they are linked to the water supply and moving the water supply requires you to tear down the walls in order to move the pipes where you want them to be. So think about the layout of your kitchen before deciding to do a full remodel. If you do not want to do a full remodel, or even buy the new cabinets, there are some ways to do. One of the best NYC self-remodeling ideas is to replace the outer layer of your cabinets. If the wood is worn down, removing it and putting a new layer of wood will completely change the feel of your kitchen. Another way to breathe in new life into your kitchen is to put in a bar or a new kitchen stand. The possibilities are endless, some of them just require some more work and money.

kitchen renovation
A kitchen renovation is a must!

Getting new furniture

This is one of the more expensive NYC self-remodeling ideas. However, if money is not the problem, or you have saved enough to replace your old furniture, go for it! Other than replacing your old furniture, you should also think of some new pieces that you never had before. For example, get a lazy bag, or a layered coffee table. A layered coffee table is a very efficient piece of furniture because you can evenly distribute the small tables across the room. One table next to the sofa, and another one next to the chair.

If money is the problem, you can consider refurbishing your old furniture pieces. This is best done by disassembling your furniture yourself or with the movers’ help. Getting new upholstery for your sofa and chairs can really make it feel new and exciting. You can also change the way the furniture is laid out. Room arrangement will totally change the way you perceive the room. Add that to the new upholstery and you will have the feeling of walking into a new home.

Adding bookshelves

Adding bookshelves to your room can really change the vibe of the room. It will make it feel more like the place of intellectual discourse, and it can even inspire you to read more. If you are crafty you can make your own bookshelf and if not, just go to a furniture store and get one that will fit your room the best. It is important to measure the space you want to put your new bookshelf in. You do not want to buy a bookshelf and then not have room where to put it. You should also see if you have enough books to put in the bookshelf. An empty bookshelf will make the room feel empty as well, and that is not one of the good NYC self-remodeling ideas.


To conclude, you should be thinking about how to fill the spaces in your house. Think about hiring furniture movers if you are getting new furniture. Also think about the furniture arrangement, adding new furniture, remodeling your kitchen, etc. This is a very fun and exciting process even though it can be stressful at times. The most important thing is not to falter, and see everything through! Good luck with your self-remodeling!

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