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Packing, moving, and relocating your furniture is not an easy task and it requires a lot of time and energy. Also, if you do not know how to relocate it properly, you may end up having a lot more troubles than you bargained for. Many people believe that if they do packing and relocating by themselves they will save a lot of money. However, you are wrong. Accidents do happen, and if you are not a professional, you might damage some of your furniture, or your new house, or even worse, you might hurt yourself. In the end, you will pay even more than you expected. So, do not stress over furniture and let professional furniture removal NYC specialists do the work. Here are some reasons why to hire furniture movers:

 In-depth expertise

The company that provides the services of furniture moving, has a team of licensed and experienced furniture movers who are fully trained in packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. They are trained for these kinds of services and have full knowledge of the best furniture removal techniques. If you try to move the furniture by yourself you might damage something and then you will have to buy new pieces of furniture again. A professional moving company in NYC is usually the most reliable option. Rather than attempting to move your furniture with the help of friends and family, let the professionals do the job for you. As they undergo rigorous training to learn the best moving techniques they will keep your belongings safe.

a man moving boxes - furniture moving
Hiring a professional mover to help you with your move can result in a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

Saves time and energy

We all know how stressful and exhausting a move can be. But do not worry. We live in an age when you can hire somebody for almost anything. So, why not take advantage of it? By hiring furniture movers you can devote your time to your friends and family. Do not spend the last days in your old house and neighborhood by stressing over packing and shipping. Instead, call the moving company and enjoy your days. Focus on what is more important. You can organize a “Goodbye Party” while professional movers pack your stuff.

No need to buy packing materials

Forget about that boring kind of shopping, the one dedicated to buying packing materials. Things like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, duct tape and similar can be in your past. If you hire professional furniture movers, they will bring their own packing materials with them. And not only that, but they will take care of your packing. And we all know that is a big deal. Packing itself accounts for approximately one-quarter of your moving expense. Do not try to cut corners, if you pack by yourself you may end up paying even more.

a man holding boxes - leave it to furniture movers
Leave packing and packing materials to furniture movers, they know how to do it best.

Latest Equipment

Most of the things that have to be done before the relocation day, you can do by yourself. However, that will require a lot of time, money and energy. But, one thing you can not do is move big pieces of furniture by yourself, even if you tried. With moving companies comes the latest moving equipment. Things like packing materials, proper safety gear, hoisting straps, appliance dollies, and custom built trucks will be brought to your home without any hassle. With that being said, do not force your friends and neighbors to do the heavy lifting for the entire weekend. Instead, invite them for coffee, and let the furniture movers do their job.


Besides packing, labeling, heavy lifting and furniture storage, most of the moving furniture companies provide their own transportation as well.  You do not have to worry about spending hours and hours researching different transportation companies online.  In this way, you can save a lot of time. Furniture movers will load everything that they have packed inside their trucks and transport it to the new location. Also, they now the streets and routes well, so you do not have to worry about whether your furniture will arrive safely and on time.

Road Transportation - furniture moving
Furniture moving companies have many different kinds of vehicles. They will know which vehicle will suit your needs the most.

No injuries with furniture movers

As we previously mentioned, relocation is a process that takes time, and usually, it takes a lot of time. As the moving day they approaches, people start to feel that they will not have enough time to finish everything. This is when we speed up things. And this is how accidents happen. Sometimes our furniture gets broken, and sometimes our bones are the ones that get broken. Moving injuries are more common than you might think. So, here are some of the most common moving injuries and how to avoid them (remember, all of these can be avoided if you hire furniture movers, like furniture removal NYC):

  • Back Injuries – when moving furniture, our back is the part of the body we use most often. However, with all that heavy lifting, our back can get injured easily. It is important to squat low to the ground using your knees and legs as much as possible when lifting things. Most importantly, use common sense, If something seems too heavy – do not try to lift it.
  • Broken Hands, Fingers, or Toes- People often drop heavy objects on these parts of the body. This can cause long-term pain and overall inconvenience. The best way to protect yourself is to wear thick gloves and closed toe shoes. Always communicate with everybody and make sure that there is nothing on the floor which can make you trip and fall
  • Common Cuts and Scrapes – if you have a lot of sharp objects or pieces of furniture you have to be extra careful. You can easily cut yourself if you make the wrong step. You can avoid this by wearing multi-layered clothes. Comfortable jeans are also another great option.

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