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A lot of people today are looking for extra storage space for their belongings. Whether they need a short-term storage unit or a long-term one, it’s always important to make the right choice. The last thing you want is renting a storage unit where your belongings aren’t safe and protected. You want to make sure you’re choosing storage where your things will remain intact and damage-free. That’s why we’ll tell you about some of the biggest red flags for storage renters to help you avoid making a mistake. Keep reading to see what to be wary of when renting a storage unit.

The most common red flags when renting storage

1. Lack of security is one of the biggest red flags for storage renters

If you’re moving house, one of your concerns is probably the safety of your items. You’re hoping that your student movers NYC can keep your things safe during the transportation. Other than that, you also want your stored belongings to remain safe.

Two security cameras - one of the biggest red flags for storage renters is lack of security
If the storage facility doesn’t have security cameras and a good security system, you should probably look for a storage unit elsewhere.

That’s why it’s really important to make sure the storage facility has a good security system. Otherwise, your belongings can get stolen. So, a huge red flag when renting a storage unit is lack of security.

2. Water damage

When you’re renting a storage space, you’re counting on the safety and protection of your belongings. You want to be sure your things won’t get damaged by flood, humidity, or anything of that sort. When you’re visiting the premises and choosing your storage unit, look for signs of water damage. If there is water damage anywhere in the storage facility, avoid getting a storage unit there. If you’re renting a storage unit for the first time, you should know what to look for. Rent a unit that is dry, mold-free, and ideally climate-controlled.

3. Not getting to see the storage unit first

Of course, in order to make the final decision, you need to actually pay a visit to the storage facility. This is crucial because you need to see what the conditions are like in the storage units. That’s why a really bad sign when renting a storage unit is not getting to see it before signing the contract.

Three storage units
Before you sign a contract and rent a storage unit, you should always visit the premises and see it for yourself.

If the storage renting company isn’t letting you visit the storage unit and check it out for yourself, you should probably look for a different company. Unless you have no choice but to rent storage remotely, you should always visit the premises first. 

4. Negative reviews

It’s always important to check customer satisfaction before hiring a company to work with. When you’re looking for Brooklyn movers, you always read the reviews before hiring them, right? Well, you should do the same with storage units. Read customer reviews and find out what they have to say about the storage facility. One of the biggest red flags for storage renters is finding a lot of negative reviews of the facility or no reviews at all. So, do your research before making a choice.

Be careful when renting a storage unit

Well, now you know some of the biggest red flags for storage renters and the tell-tale signs of an unreliable storage facility. These things should help you make the right decision and prevent you from getting a storage you’ll later regret. Just be careful and think things through before signing the contract. 

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